3 Easy Ways on How to Merge Video Files on Windows 10, 8, 7

3 Easy Ways on How to Merge Video Files on Windows 10, 8, 7

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By Brian Fisher | Jul 09,2018 11:39 am

There are times when you would want to combine and merge various video files on Windows 10, 8 and 7 into one file without having to edit or re-encode them. There are also times when you would love to edit them to ensure you derive maximum satisfaction when watching the single video file. Making use of a video editor would be highly beneficial in these instances as it would effectively merge video files and make a single file that can be watched by you. Video editing apps and programs are made to have different features and characteristics to effectively join videos together.

Part 1. How to Merge Video Files on Windows with Filmora Video Editor

To derive the best result in your desire to merge video files on Windows 10, 8 and 7, you can make use of Filmora Video Editor. It is one that has been created to provide excellence as it has been created to ensure that various things can be done with video files on various windows. Using Fimora Video to merge video files is quite easy as long as you follow the steps below:

Step 1: Launch Filmora Video Editor

The first step is to download the program from the button above. After the Filmora Video Editor has been installed, the next thing to do is to launch it and enter "Full Feature Mode".

how to merge videos in windows 10

Step 2: Import video to the program

The next thing is to import the videos from their location to the program. Importing videos to the Filmora Video Editor is quite easy, just simply drag and drop the video files to the main window.

merge video files

Step 3: Combine the videos

Then drag and drop the imported video files to the timeline in order.

merge videos windows 10

Step 4: Add transitions between videos

To make a smooth change from one video to the next, adding transitions between 2 videos could be a great choice. Go to Transition tab, choose one transition and drag it to the middle of 2 videos. Right-click on any transition and a menu would be displayed with options “Apply to all” and “Random to all.”

combine videos windows 10

Step 5: Export the video file

This is the final step in merging videos files with Filmora Video Editor. Before saving the merged videos files, a preview should be made on the video to ensure that it is made in the desired way. Afterwards, click on “Export” button have the multiple videos saved in a single file.

windows 10 merge videos

Why Choose Filmora Video Editor to Merge Video Files

merge mp4 files windows 10

Filmora Video Editor is a great app and program that is filled with different qualities, styles, and features to combine video clips. It is created in a way that you can make use of it to do anything with videos, irrespective of the format they are in. Making use of Filmora Video Editor to merge video files would ensure that videos are enjoyed with great satisfaction and contentment.

Part 2. How to Merge Video Files in Windows Movie Maker

merge video windows movie maker

Windows Movie Maker can be used to merge videos windows 10 and also join video files windows 7. To merge video files in Windows Movie Maker, the following steps should be followed:

Step 1: Click on the button “Add Videos and Photos,” which is beneath the Home tab. Afterwards, select the videos that are to be used.

Step 2: The videos will be separated in the timeline of the Windows Movie Maker. You can decide the order in which the videos would be arranged.

Step 3: After the videos have been merged into a single file, the next step is to save the video.

Step 4: Once splitting is done, you will be led to the folder where your split file is saved.

Part 3. How to Merge Video Files in Windows Media Player

how to merge videos in windows media player

It can be used to effectively merge videos windows 10. To merge video files in Window Media Player, these steps should be followed:

Step 1: Download the Windows Media Video clip joiner. Launch the program by double-clicking on it.

Step 2: Go to "Add File" on the "File" menu. Brower in the window and select the videos that you want to combine.

Step 3: Then, Press the "Combine" button. Wait as the video is saved to the computer's hard drive.

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