How to Merge Videos on Mac with The Best Video Joiner Mac

How to Merge Videos on Mac with The Best Video Joiner Mac

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By Elva | Mar 15,2018 17:55 pm

Can I Combine Several Video Files into a Single File?

Yes, it is possible to have multiple video files combined into one very easily. Depending on the type of program you choose to use, the process can be as fast as in seconds and its always automatic. The good thing with these editing programs is that you will get an opportunity to cut out all the parts that you deem unnecessary and then, merge the video clips together again to make a full video. Just look at the features of the program you are intending to use and make a choice based on that.

Part 1. How to Merge Videos on Mac using Filmora Video Editor

With Filmora Video Editor for Mac, you will be able to edit both HD and standard movies with merging being a top option for consideration. Use the following steps to merge your videos:

Step 1: Download and Launch Filmora Video Editor

Download and install this video joiner on your Mac first from the button below. After all of that is done, launch the program and enter "Create New Movie".

Step 2: Import videos to the program

you can choose to drag videos from the computer system right to your project but there is the option of clicking on the "Import Media" button. That will allow you to navigate through and locate the files.

Step 3: Join video files

The next step will be adding the imported files to the timeline of your program. Make sure they have been arranged in an orderly manner and a simple drag-and-drop will help you out.

Step 4: Add transitions between videos

Filmora Video Editor provides lots of transition in case you want to add any of them between 2 video files before completely merging them, all you have to do is click the “Transitions” tab and select your desired transition to add between two of your videos. This tab also allows you to apply a certain transition between all of your videos or randomize all of them.

Step 5: Export the video file

If you go for the second option, it will require dragging multiple video clips to the program’s timeline and arrange them in an orderly way. After that, you can click on the "Export" button visible on the toolbar. The clips will be merged seamlessly.

Why Choose Filmora Video Editor to Combine Videos on Mac

Filmora Video Editor is a very easy to use software program that you can have anytime to merge video clips. It has highly personalized features that will make editing very enjoyable and an experience to cherish forever. It has basic tools for editing that include rotation, cropping, merging, splitting and trimming which you can get the best out of. Other features to lookout for include video color correction, personalized texts watermark, green screen and scene detection.

  • Very simple and clear interface with all editing tools and features displayed in the main windows;
  • Fully compatible with almost all the popular video formats, audio files and images;
  • Regularly updated built-in effect library for filters, overlays, motion graphics, titles, intro/credit;
  • Can export video to all kind of video formats or directly share videos to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo.

Part 2. Combine Videos on Mac with Free Video Joiner Mac

#1. Free Video Cutter Joiner

Free Video Cutter Joiner for Mac is video editing software that enables Mac users to ‘merge videos mac’. It has a nice interface that offers easy to use workflow and fast operation. It is quite easy and a quick software for video is joining on Mac. Video Joiner for Mac has various editing features and offers a broad range of file compatibility. With this software, it is quite easy to drag and drop videos, sort them in order and even ‘join video files' The quick drag and drop option given by the Video Joiner is one of the most liked features as it offers its users to simply drag the videos to the screen and put the videos on the list as much as you want.

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#2. MP4Joiner

MP4Joiner is a free video joiner that enables the joining of several MP4 files into one without encoding or losing the quality of the files. This program has a limited range of format compatibility but joins files quickly. Furthermore, it is simple to use and works well on Mac. One disadvantage of this software is that it is limited in the range of formats that it supports. But keeping in view its excellent ability to join files quickly, it is considered as one of the best video joiners.

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#3. VideoGo

VideoGO is yet another Mac software that has advanced editing functions such as rotate, split, trim, merge, crop, compress videos, add subtitle/audio track, effect, and increase audio/video volume amongst others. It has a nice-looking package, but it is not as fast in its functions and can overcompensate some aspects of the editing process. VideoGO supports many formats that include WMV, VOB, AVI, MP4, VOC, OGG, CAF, FLAC, WTV, MXT, MKV, QCP and MXF amongst others.

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#4. Kdenlive

This software was initially developed for Linux and later ported to Mac. Kdenlive allows its users to use any video or audio formats directly without the need of converting or re-encoding the clips to ‘join video files.' This is because it is based on powerful FFmpeg libraries. It also has several effects that range from audio adjustments, standard transform options to color correction. The Kdenlive video editing software offers not only the addition of videos for its merging, but it also offers the addition of transitions and other effects to the combined video that can increase the quality of video to a higher level.

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#5. AVItools

Although AVItools has a rather basic interface, it offers all the necessary features that a functional video editor requires. It supports several video file formats, and it is really good for Mac users who need to convert their videos quickly to AVI format. However, it is quite complicated in its operation but has features such as cut.

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