Want to find a video editing software for Chromebook ? Here we have gathered some of the most useful apps that will allow you to create and edit videos on Chromebooks. These tools are very simple to use, that a lot of people enjoy working on them.

Free Video Editing Software for Chromebook

1. Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor for Mac (or Filmora Video Editor for Windows) is a newly video editing tool. It is designed for video editing beginners and professionals with the easy mode and full-feature mode. You can make a professional-looking video with the advanced and useful video editing tools. It allows users to trim, crop, split, merge videos, edit audio track, apply filters, overlays, face-off, green screen, etc. special features and add background music to videos. With it, it is as easy as ABC for you to make captivating videos.

  • An easy to use video editing tool that anyone can use to create their own videos.
  • You will have 300+ video effects to personalize your videos.
  • It offers multiple video editing features, but with a lower price compared with other video editing software.
  • It seems it's not so great to edit it with a VMWare;

Supported Platform: Windows and Mac OS X

video editor for chromebook

2. Magisto

For those who are looking for a video editor that will allow you create a video without spending much time, then the Magisto app is for you. All you have to do is to upload the file, pick a theme, an audio, and Magisto will do the rest. The movies published using Magisto can be accessed by clicking "My Movies," and you can share it to any social networking sites, such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

  • The upload process will never be interrupted by Internet connectivity issues, unlike other video editing tool.
  • The video creation process is pretty simple and straightforward. All you have to do is pick from the "Editing Styles," then select a tune from their large selection of audio tracks-- or upload your own audio.
  • It doesn't connect with a wide range of services that Stupeflix and WeVideo does. However, it allows the user to drag and drop the files from the folder.

Supported Platform: Chrome App

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3. Stupeflix Video Maker

The Stupeflix Video Maker is a video editor that's packed with all the features you need to create a good movie. It comes with several themes to choose from, and having an account will allow you to save previous projects or edit an already published video.

  • It's packed with small, but high-quality features, such as adapting the pace of the video in order to match the audio.
  • You can download a 360P with a free account.
  • Videos can be shared directly to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and even through email.
  • Less advanced than WeVideo, but it still has a number of good features, such as the adjusting video clip speed.
  • When adding clips, there's no way to drag and drop the files from a folder to Stupeflix, but it's possible to select multiple files and upload them all at the same time.
  • Files larger than 40 MB can't be uploaded for free.

Supported Platform: Chrome OS

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4. WeVideo

For those who have already heard about WeVideo as a video editing app, you'll probably agree that it's one of the most popular web apps available for free. The reason behind is that it's user-friendly, has an intuitive interface, and packed with a number of great features. It has three editing views, namely: Timeline Simple, Timeline Advanced, and Storyboard. Furthermore, aside from your own media files, you can also access WeVideo's database that's filled with audio, graphics, and complete themes that are available for download.

  • The file to be used for your video can be uploaded from several sources, such as: OneDrive, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox, Box, Picasa, and so on.
  • It has 5GB of space and there's no file size restrictions. However, the larger the file, the longer it will take to upload it.
  • It allows the user to access and reuse the uploaded media.
  • There's no option to drag and drop the media files.

Supported Platform: Chrome OS, Android

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5. Jaycut

JayCut is a video editing software, specifically made for Chromebook users. It has a familiar interface that's similar to non-linear video editors, such as Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, Final Cut, and Sony Vegas.

  • It has a number of effects and transition effects available-- something that's uncommon for free video editors.
  • You can change the speed of the clips, and there are a couple of video effects as well.
  • It has a drawing tool that allows the user to draw directly on the video.
  • It has a chroma key function that can be used for green-screen work.
  • The settings, such as saturation, brightness, and so on are unchangeable.
  • The amount of text effects is somewhat limited.

Supported Platform: Chrome OS

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6. YouTube Video Editor

By far, this is the most powerful tool that you can use for both Windows OS and Chrome OS. It's an editor that allows you to edit videos right from the page on YouTube. You can also add timelines, effects, transition, and crop the parts that you don't want to show.

  • It has a wide range of creative commons for you to search, edit, remix, and so on.
  • Drag and drop feature.
  • Direct upload once you're done editing.
  • Unfortunately, it seems like it's impossible to shorten the music clips.
  • Even though you can use multiple songs, they don't overlap. This can result to a choppy audio.

Supported Platform: Windows and Chrome OS

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YouTube Video Editor  


Ingmar Elfsborg
Jaycut, stupeflix, and youtube editor, are all gone, filmora is for mac and windows, :P
well that crap didnt work
Not Worth The Visit
"Let's make a post of 6 free editing softwares for chromebook users." #1 isn't for chromebooks. #2 isn't for chromebooks. #3 isn't for chromebooks. #4 isn't free. #5 shut down 5 years ago. #6 shut down less than two months after the post. "Yummy ad revenue!" (I've never been more glad to use an adblocker.)
If people are having serious complaints about it not being on chromebook, just know that it clearly states it is not a supported platform. I have no other information on this other than I love to see people argue and complain. Do you have a problem with that?
Amen, a thousand times ! And knock it off wioth the phone only apps..some of us don't use the danged things !!
exactly bro ig ill stick to filmora go cute cut and video star (which i havent completly figured out yet)
damn straight
this is bs heres real shit sub to snapperback on youtube :)
exactly -.-
Jackson Lenig
none of these work for chromebook except wevideo but need to pay for it for more than 5 minutes

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