Top 5 Vlog Editing Software for Vloggers

Top 5 Vlog Editing Software for Vloggers

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By Elva | Jun 14,2018 10:39 am

What does a YouTuber use to edit the videos? It has become popular to start vlogging on YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo. Some Video bloggers just do it for the fun while for others it is the primary source of incomes. To make a perfect video blog, vloggers or video bloggers will need to have two most essential ingredients. One is an extraordinary video recording camera and the second one is suitable vlog editing software. Below we will help you to pick up top 5 best vlog editing software for vlogging.

Top 5 Vlog Editor for Vloggers

1. Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor for Windows (or Filmora Video Editor for Mac) is one of the best vlog editing software for vlog beginners. It's pretty simple-to-use. All the tools and effect templates are displayed in the main window. You don't need to spend much time looking for the feature you need. This Vlog editing software is fully support Mac 10.13 macOS High Sierra.

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Why Choose This Vlog Editing Software

  • You have basic editing features for vlog, trimming, cropping, cutting, splitting, mergeing, etc.
  • It offers you multiple songs, filters, overlays, motion effects, animated text, titles and 300+ new effects to choose from.
  • And it is able to stablize video and play video in reverse.
  • Filmora Video Editor is easy to learn and earsy to use.
  • It is best for vlogger beginners and professionals with the easy mode and full feature mode.

Price: $59.99/lifetime

2. iMovie

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iMovie is one of the most favorite video editing tool for vlogger by Apple which has everything already set in it. You can edit your movie or video in many possible ways, for example: adding text to a video or voice over, adding animations and picture in picture. The overlay of the software is the pretty simple and it is a must have tool for every new video blogger. The main features include changing the speed of a particular portion of the video, cutting and trimming down the video. However, there are plenty of preset animations for your video. You can quickly make movies like trailers in the software and the best part is that you don’t have to go through lengthy procedures to do anything. Just select an animation or text and boom it will be added to the video. The best part is that you can easily share video after editing on Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo.

The worst part about iMovie is that you can’t move or resize the text in the video, you will have to select the preset text animations. As iMovie is released by Apple, so it will only work with the Mac OS X. Moreover, it surely isn’t handy for the professional level editing because it only provides the surface level simple editing.

Price: $14.99

3. Windows Movie Maker

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Windows Movie Maker is the best rival for the iMovie for Mac. It has been present in the Windows since Windows XP, but the good news is that Microsoft has changed the overall interface in the 2012 and included it in Windows Essentials. But like iMovie it only provides basic editing features such as trimming video from the start point to the endpoint. However, speed changing is also almost smooth, select the speed from slowest motion (0.125x) to the fastest motion (64X). You can also choose from different Visual effects already present in the Video. Moreover, if you are joining different pictures or videos, you can choose a proper animation for the change. The best feature in the Windows Movie Maker is that you can quickly record a video right from the Web Cam or a voice using narration feature in it. As it is almost similar to the iMovie, it will let you save and directly upload Videos to Facebook, Flicker, One Drive or Vimeo.

Although there are different functions, already present in the Windows Movie Maker, there are few options to edit the videos such as there are only a few number of animations. Similarly, there are no preset Text Styles in the Windows Movie Maker. Moreover, you can’t clip into different portions to set the speed of a particular part.

Price: Free

4. Pinnacle Studio

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Pinnacle Studio is a professional level vlog video editing tool available for Windows. Most of the professional features are hidden in the complex settings of the software. It is based on 64-bit architecture, so, It works pretty smooth on the latest computers and laptop. The best and distinguished feature of this software is that it supports editing for 4K videos making it very useful for high-end vloggers. There are tons of effects already embedded in the software and the Ultimate version also has support to remove unwanted noise and enhance the audio quality. Moreover, unlike most of video editing software, it has support to create beautiful 3D videos side by side.

The main disadvantage of Pinnacle Studio is that it is not a cross-platform application and only works for Windows PC. So, if you have an MAC, you won’t be able to edit videos using Pinnacle. The user-interface of the software is not much clean which means that you will have to spend a lot of time to learn it before you can utilize it.

Price: $129.95

5. Final Cut Pro

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If you make educational videos, high-quality music videos or small movies, this is what you should be trying on your Mac. Final Cut Pro by Apple is the ultimate software to edit high-quality videos on the Mac. It automatically supports the broad range of formats such as.MOV, Mp4, AVI, AVCHD, H.264 used by the professional Camcorders and cameras. It will not work on any Macbook or iMac, but you will need to have a professional Mac to edit your videos. Moreover, the incredible features include from primary level editing to the fantastic effects. Apart from these, there are many intelligent features such as Smart collections which will automatically organize your video library. It also uses the 64-Bit architecture and utilizes all memory present on your computer to make it more efficient. There are tons of effects and animations already embedded in the software. So, you can utilize them without making the new effects or titles.

Final Cut Pro is a very complex software and you will have to go through the complete tutorials before you can utilize to the maximum limit. It is a power hungry application and will use a lot of Rams, so, if you are using a Mac with small RAM, it will lag a lot.

Price: $299.99

Tips for Vlog Recording and Editing

There are plenty of vlog recording and editing software that you can add text, picture, music or another video to cater your needs. Before you continue, make sure that what kind of video blog are you running? For example: If your Vlog is basically focused on traveling, then you don’t need software to add multiple animations. While on the other hand, if the video blog is focused on news or entertainment industry, you will need a full featured Video editing software to add multiple animations. This article is focused on how to select a perfect video editing tool for vlog.

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