20 Funny Memes about Valentine's Day

Elva updated on 2022-05-05 10:29:47

Valentine’s Day is not about affection and admiration for everyone. Even though the day is widely accepted and celebrated across the world, there are several individuals who hate this occasion of love. There are many reasons commonly given for this hate for Valentine’s Day. Some individuals say that they hate it because they’re always single while others say that they simply hate the icky gooey feelings of love and intimacy. Either way, there are several people on Valentine’s Day that hate smelling all the love in the air. We’ve compiled a list of the 20 most popular memes for all the people that hate Valentine’s Day.

Part 1. Top 20 Funny Memes about Valentine’s Day

#1. Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory uses science to demystify the ‘love is in the air’ expression that everyone uses on Valentine’s Day. As Sheldon saying: That’s preposterous, air is a mixture of a variety of gases, not love.

valentine funny memes

#2. Ah. The poor soul of the third wheeler on Valentine’s Day. What could be worse than being alone on Valentine’s Day you ask? Ask someone who has been a third wheeler out with his friends on the most intimate day of the year.

valentines day memes

#3. An extract from the popular movie, The Hunger Games. Love and intimacy are what everyone gets to see on Valentine’s Day. For those who are out with their partners, it’s all fine; but for others, this picture perfectly illustrates what goes on in their mind.

valentines day meme

#4. Denial is part of being single. When you see literally everyone with a date on Valentine’s Day while you’re still single, you often think that no one is the world is better for you than you.

funny valentine memes

#5. Monsters, Inc. A wonderful movie to watch and this quote says everything for us. We’re romantic, we’re caring, but we just don’t get anyone on Valentine’s Day. Maybe we really should marry our own selves (if that’s allowed).

funny valentines memes

#6. This is a perfect yet sad example of how many individuals feel on the Valentine’s Day holiday. Why does it always come in the holiday season? This should explain why being lonely and unoccupied on Valentine’s Day can lead to negative thoughts.

happy valentines day meme

#7. Good ol’ heartless Squidward Tentacles from our favorite cartoon show, SpongeBob SquarePants. This picture reminds us how all of us can be Squidward sometimes when it comes to love, especially on Valentine’s Day.

funny valentine meme

#8. Another smart way to answer the typical “do you have a date?” question on Valentine’s Day. Yes I do, it’s February 14th and there’s nothing you can do about it. Perhaps not the answer you may have wanted to give but at least it saves you from the embarrassment of saying no.

funny valentines day meme

#9 . A typical stereotype is that only men hate Valentine’s Day. That’s not quite true. Even though it is a bit rare, but women, too, do hate this occasion of love and affection.

funny valentines meme

#10. Another meme for the forever alones and the loners. This is how we imagine spending Valentine’s Day when we don’t have a date. Sitting alone, in the café, with nothing but a cup of tea for ourselves.

valentine day memes

#11. A different perspective of Valentine’s Day that is often only seen by those who dislike the occasion. Ever imagined the bucks that the flower and chocolate industries make on this day? Everyone and anyone that has got a date on Valentine’s Day buy flowers and chocolates for their beloved which basically means the lottery for these industries.

valentine memes

#12. A meme for the ladies that hate Valentine’s Day. A common dilemma: Not being sure if we actually hate love or we just hate the fact that we haven’t found that special someone yet.

valentine memes

#13. Yet another meme breaking the stereotype that girls don’t hate Valentine’s Day. They do, sometimes even more so than guys.

valentine memes

#14. No set of memes is complete without Grumpy Cat. This meme highlights how most individuals (particularly the one’s that hate buying gifts) feel about Valentine Day’s traditional gifts: Flowers and Candy.

valentine memes

#15. Everyone’s one true love – Food. Some scientific research shows that depression and loneliness is directly associated with hunger. The lonelier we feel, the more we eat.

valentine memes

#16. No date on Valentine’s Day? No problem! No date means no gift, no cards, and no expensive luxury dinner. Your account balance the day before and after Valentine’s Day remains the same when you’re single – something to be happy about, finally.

valentine memes

#17. There is nothing that can explain it better than this picture. This is just simply us on Valentine’s Day when we’re sitting solo and everyone around is feeling the love.

valentine memes

#18. Star War character Han Solo’s last name is a fairly apt description of how us forever alones are going to spend the next Valentine’s Day.

valentine memes

#19. A meme for the single guys on Valentine’s Day. If we don’t love the ladies, we love our cars. Why waste the money on flowers and chocolates when we can get those epic modifications for our car?

valentine memes

#20. Finally, a meme for the gamers to enjoy. Not often do we see the gamers leaving their console for girls, why should it be any different on Valentine’s Day then?

valentine memes

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