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Add Text/Titles to Videos

Filmora9 for Mac helps you to add titles and texts to your video. You can have options including Opener, Titles, Subtitles, Lower3RDS, and End Credits.

1Add Texts

To add text or titles to videos, click the "Titles" button above the "Media library" to choose the adorable one. Drag and drop it to the timeline. By double-click on it, you can preview each effect on the preview window.
To make your own movie, you can click on the "Subtitles" option and add subtitles to your video. And you can also use the trimming video method to adjust the duration and position of the text you have added to the video.

add text

Apply Openers and End Credits: If you want to add an "Opener" or "End Credits", you can click the corresponding button in the left column to choose the effect you want to add.

add title effects opener

2Edit Text

Filmora9 for Mac enables you to edit the text in the video. To edit text, you can double-click on the text you added to timeline to open the text settings up window.

Enter text: After you've open the text setting up window, you can move the cursor to select the "Your Title Here" part on the preview window and enter the text you needed. At the same time, you can modify the properties (such as font, spacin, size and more) on under the text editing window.
You can apply downloaded font from the internet to your video project using Filmora9 for Mac.

Note: To use the font from the internet, you need to restart Filmora9 for Mac before the font becomes available in the font library.

enter text

Change the Position of Text: You can select the textbox, then drag and drop it to where you want. You can also set a position by changing the position parameters under the "Transform" option in the text editing menu.

change position

Adjust the duration: You can change the duration of text effects, you can drag either of text effect's edges in the timeline. Besides, you can also click on the "Duration" icon on the toolbar to adjust the effect's duration.

change text duration

To change the default duration of all title effects, you click on the "File" button, choose the "Preferences" option from the drop-down list. On the Preferences window, click on the "Editing" button to enter new default duration next to the "Effect Duration".

text effect duration

Apply Text Animations: Under the text editing panel click on the "Animation" button. You can find more than 80 different text animations under this tab. Double-click on the text animations you like to preview on the preview window and click "OK" button to apply it.

update filmora9

Advanced Title Editing: Click on the "Advanced" button in the bottom right corner to access to "Advanced Text Edit" menu. Under this menu you can find "Text Border", "Text Shadow", "Text and Shape Fill" and more features.

title inspector

3Save Customized Text Effects as Presets

Filmora9 for Mac enables you to save customized text effects. After you've made all the adjustments to a text effect you wanted, you can click on the "SAVE AS PRESET" button in the bottom left corner.

save title preset

4Remove Title

You can remove all title effects in the timeline. To do so, you can click on the "Delete" icon on the toolbar directly. You can also click on the title effect and select the "Delete" option to remove the title effect with ease.

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