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Edit Audios

1. Add Audio files

Filmora for Mac provides you free music library that you can choose from to add to your own videos. You can also import your own music and apply the file to your video project.

Free Music Library: Click on the "Audio" button and then you will open the royalty-free audio library and choose the music you needed. Just in one click, the music will be downloaded and shown in the audio track.

music library

Using music from your Mac: To import the music from local folder on your Mac, you can click on the "Import" button above the "Media Library" and select the audio file in your computer. Then you can import the selected audio files to the program and add the music and audio file to audio track in the timeline by dragging and dropping.

import music from mac

2. Add Voiceover

Under the "Media" panel, click on the "Record" button and select the "Record voiceover" option. Or you can click on the "Record" icon on the toolbar and open the record menu.
Now you can place the playhead at the location in the timeline where you want to add the voice and then click on the "Microphone" icon to start recording. Click on the "Stop" icon to stop recording. Finally, the new created voiceover file will be automatically shown in the audio track.

record audio

3. Split Audio

Move the slider to the audio part you want to split, right click on the music track in the timeline, and then select "Split" to split the audio. You can also click on the "Scissor" icon to split the audio.

split audio

4. Customize Timeline Track Controls

Add a new track: Click on the "+" icon on the left side above the timelin and choose the "Add video track" or "Add audio track" option. The new trach will be added above or under the existing tracks.

customize track control

Add multiple new tracks: After you've click on the "+" icon, you can now choose the "Open Tracker Manager" option to open the "Track manager" menu. On the window, you can insert the desired number of tracks in the "Add box".

customize track manager

Delete Empty Tracks: If you want to delete empty track, you can choose the "Delete Empty Tracks" option from the drop-down list after you've click on the "+" icon.

Adjust Track Height: Click on the "+" icon and select the "Adjust Track Height" option, thenyou can select "Small", "Normal" or "Big" option to ajust track height according to your own needs.

adjust track height

5. Adjust Audio

Filmora for Mac allows you to adjust the default audio settings. Double click the audio in the timeline, and the audio control panel will be opened. You can adjust the Speed, Volume, Fade in/out, and Pitch settings.

adjust audio

6. Mute Video Clip

Right-click on the video in the timeline and select "Mute".

mute video

7. Detach Audio from Video

If you want to detach the audio from a video clip without changing the original clip. Right-click on the video in the timeline and select the option "Detach Audio".

detach audio

8. Trim Audio File

After you detach the audio, it will be added to timeline automatically. And then you can move cursor at the begging or end of the audio track to trim it.

9. Adjust Audio Volume

Double-click on the audio in the timeline to enable the audio Inspector window first > go to the Volume tab. From there, you can adjust the audio volume. You can adjust volume from 1 to 100.

adjust audio volume

10. Fade in/out Music

Double click on the audio in the timeline, and in the audio inspector window, drag the slider in the Fade in/out tab to apply Fade in or Fade out effect.

fade in fade out audio

11. Speed and Pitch Adjustments

First click on the audio in the timeline, and find the Speed and Pitch option on the audio inspector window. Adjust the audio speed and pitch by moving the slider. And then click "OK" to confirm.

adjust audio speed

12. Replace the Original Audio of the Video

Filmora for Mac allows you to replace the original audio from the video. To do so,
1. Import the video and audio files to media library in the program. And drag the video to the timeline.
2. Right click on the video and select the option of "Detect Audio". And the video and audio will be separated.
3. Click on the audio in the timeline and click "Delete" to remove the original audio.
4. Drag the audio from the media library to the timeline. And export the video with new audio track.

13. Audio Denoise

Double click on the audio in the timeline. In the opened audio inspector window, check the "Remove background noise" option and slide between weak, mid and strong to de-noise the audio.

aduio denoise

14. Audio Equalizer

The Audio Equalizer feature in Filmora Video Editor allows you to adjust the audio to achieve a good mix of sound. So that to allow different vocals and instruments to sound good together.
To adjust audio equalizer, open the audio inspector window by double clicking the audio in the timeline. And then in the "Equalizer" tab select the options including Default, Pop, Rock' n' Roll, Soft, Classic, Low Bass, Sparkle, Ska, Country, Techno, Hard Rock, Acoustic, Custom, Folk, Blues. You can also click on the "Customize" button to do advanced settings.

equalizer aduio track

15. Audio Mixer

To enable the "Audio Mixer" feature in Filmora Video Editor, you can click on the "Audio Mixer" button in the toolbar. And in the pop-up window, the tracks are highlighted in purple. You can roll the small circle in the pan to switch the sound. Or you can click on the "Master" button to adjust the master volume to be higher or lower.

audio mixer

16. Audio Ducking

Audio ducking is when you lower the volume, such as background music, to the extent that you can hear the conversation in your video more clearly.

How to use audio ducking:

1. Select a clip with dialogue.
2. Right-click and select Adjust Audio

audio ducking

3. Then check Lower the volume of other clips.

ajdust audio

4. Now, the volume of any other media (such as background music tracks) that overlaps with the segment you selected will be reduced. You can also adjust the effect's degree by using the slider.

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