Top 10 Free AVI Cutter to Cut AVI without Quality Loss

To cut or trim avi videos from different sources, there are many free AVI videos cutters which people can use.
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Social media enables friends to share joy and emotions. One of the best ways to express ourselves is by sharing videos to pass a specific message or share a light moment. However, some AVI videos are too huge to share. That’s why different people came up with AVI cutter software to enable them to trim AVI videos into required sizes. You can find the one suits you most in this list with top 10 free AVI videos cutters.

Best AVI Cutter

#1. Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor for Windows (or Filmora Video Editor for Mac) is the video editing software you need to get a video edited for size and style you intend with a professional touch and a striking output. Filmora video editor boasts of high-quality video editing characteristics. For the simplicity of this video editing tool, everyone can have a good time using it even without having previous experience with video editing software and processes.

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  • Drag & drop feature: To edit an AVI video quickly, Filmora comes with a drag and drop feature. With a simple drag from the import window pane, you only have to drop to begin trimming on the timeline of the video editor.
  • Record voice-over: With a click, you can record a voiceover to include in your video with Filmora video editor.
  • Personalization effect: When you need to cut AVI video, you can create some personal effects with Filmora video editor. Get creative with its titles, Green Screen, and transition personalization potentials.
  • Saving options: Aside from the ability to export a cut AVI video and sharing online, the Filmora video editing software gives the opportunity to save the file in different file formats and on devices. It enables burning to DVD and sharing on Facebook or YouTube.

Tutorial on How to Cut/Trim AVI Videos Using Filmora Video Editor

Step 1. Launch Filmora Video Editor

First, download and install the program if you haven’t already done so. Run the program from your computer to load.

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Step 2. Import AVI video to the program

Locate the import button at the top left corner of the program interface and click to upload an AVI video file to be edited. All imported AVI videos will show up in the left pane as thumbnails while the timeline for editing is to the right. Now, drag and drop the AVI video file for editing on the timeline to begin the editing process.

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Step 3. Trim AVI video from the beginning or from the ending part

To begin trimming the AVI video on the timeline, select the AVI video. Now, drag the pointer to the position at the beginning and ending you want to be trimmed. This will directly trim the AVI video into the part as you need.

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Step 4. Cut AVI video from a middle section of a video

It is quite a simple process to split AVI video right at the middle. To do this, first, make the part to be cut an independent body off from the original AVI video. To do this simply go ahead and move the cursor from the beginning to the end of the part to be cut. Now, click the delete icon, that is, the scissors icon. Right-click now on the AVI video and go for delete option to discard the middle part of the AVI video.

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Step 5. Save or export video

After successfully achieving your desire on the AVI video, to save the segment; locate create and click on it to take you to the output window. From here there are options displayed for you to choose from. These are the different video formats such as MOV, WMV MP4, and AVI. You can also go for the device option or share to social media networks like Youtube and Facebook.

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#2: Joyoshare Media Cutter

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This software is very easy to use when intending to reduce a large AVI video into smaller segments for personal or commercial use. The quality loss is very minimal therefore it's quite effective.

Using this software, you can adjust time span as you desire.
It's possible to merge different cut videos into one video.

The free version of this software provides limited services with only 5 chances of cutting and converting videos.

#3. Avidemux Video Editor

avi video cutter

Generally, for use in mac and windows, this software has the ability to trim and merge AVI videos and can do the simple filtering and encoding tasks. This software is free online and supports many formats of videos.

It supports different types of files and has the ability to convert them into other formats.
Has powerful scripting capabilities.

During preview, this software does not provide accurate time before cutting the videos.
At sometimes it’s impossible to upload videos from the desktop or YouTube into the application.

#4. Gihosoft’s Free Video Cutter

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Gihosoft's free Video Editor is ideal for AVI video cutting and editing. Using it is possible to improve the accuracy of the size of the video you desire by controlling every second while cutting the video.

Easy to use with limited loss of quality.
Using this software you can make accurate cuts because of the time track.

This software has very limited functions.

#5. Cute Video Cutter

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This software is a functional AVI video cutter which gives the user the chance to divide a video or trim o remove unwanted segments. Like many other software’s it’s easily available and it’s free online. It’s easy to use even without tutorials.

It has the ability to support different file formats.
It provides real-time preview before you can start cutting your video.

It's one of the most complex AVI video trimmers.
It's limited for use in windows only.

#6. Weenysoft Free Video Cutter

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With its simplicity to use, the Weenysoft AVI cutter software enables its user to trim AVI videos into desired sizes and export them without any tutorial or guide. With this software, you can also customize your videos.

Has the ability to convert videos into multiple output formats.
It's easy to use and enables you to cut videos using just a few clicks.

Its timeline is hard to slide therefore making it difficult to make accurate video cuts.

#7. Adobe Premiere

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Adobe Premiere is a very full-featured and powerful video editor which can also be a AVI cutter to cut avi file. With its internal timetable, this software has the power to do advanced video editing. More to video editing it comes with other features like Photoshop capabilities. It generally has very few limitations to its users.

Enables a continuous workflow and affect integration.
It enables timely cuts because of its internal timetable which tracks time for accurate cuts.

It does not offer lifetime insurance yet it's very expensive.
Its software application is too big therefore taking too long when downloading it.

#8. iMovie

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This software enables its users to freely browse the Mac for the desired videos which save time. More to, that its video streaming capability is simply enabling you to edit avi videos of choice.

The software has video effects which enable professional video cuts.

The iMovie software often crashes during use and needs continuous re-launch which leads to time wastage and could lead to quality loss.
It supports limited video formats.

#9. Xilisoft Video Cutter

avi file cutter

Being one of the most reliable AVI video trimming software, the Xilisoft Video Cutter software has the ability to cut very large avi videos without affecting its quality. Accurate videos can also be cut using this software.

Has the ability to provide different language interfaces.
Its video product clips to multiple formats.
It's possible to do advanced video editing With this software.

People view it as old versioned and does not support new technology videos.

#10. Windows Movie Maker

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This software is advanced enough to enable people to make their own videos then edit them as desired. It also enables video import as well as transmissions and also provides output editing. Cutting and trimming video is simple since can be tracked for videos to be accurate.

It has the ability to add titles, transmissions, and effects to the video with the quality of the video not being affected.
It supports different output formats.

It only provides a windows version therefore not compatible with mobile phones.

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