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Is It Possible to Remove Audio from MP4 Video?

Want to remove audio track from a MP4 video? Here is the best solution for you. In this guide, we will introduce you to 3 easy ways to remove audio from MP4 so that you can enjoy better experience listening to the music. By extracting audio from MP4, you can enjoy your music anywhere you feel like.

Part 1. Best Solution for Removing Audio from MP4 - Filmora Video Editor

When seeking to remove audio from your MP4 video, consider using Filmora Video Editor for Mac (or Filmora Video Editor for Windows) because it has the best editing features to help accomplish that. A Audio Extractor is the standout feature of the software. It helps you detach the audio from video and extract audio from the video and then editing it separately. Make sure you have gotten the best out of this feature. Apart from that, there are other features that include speed changer, jump cut, timeline and video optimized mode.

How to Remove Audio from MP4 on Mac and Windows

Step 1. To start with, you need to import your MP4 video to this program with drag and drop method.

Step 2. Add the MP4 file to the timeline. Then highlight the video to work on from the timeline.

Step 3. Right click on the video, it will show a drop-down menu. Now please choose "Detach Audio".

Step 4. Delete the audio track after highlighting it. And then hit the "Export" button to save your MP4 video without audio.

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Part 2. Remove Audio from MP4 on Windows Using Windows Movie Maker

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The following steps will help extract audio from MP4 using Windows Movie Maker:

Step 1. Begin by installing the program to your computer then launch it.

Step 2. Click on "add video and photos" to import the videos.

Step 3. Click on "file" then "save movie" before scrolling downwards to click on "audio only".

Step 4. Rename the audio file and it will be saved in a default format.

Part 3. Remove Audio from MP4 on Mac Using iMovie

how to delete audio from mp4 video

When using iMovie, these are the steps to follow:

Step 1. Add files to the program timeline through dragging and dropping. Alternatively, click on "file" then "add files" from the menu bar.

Step 2. Click on the "settings" options to view the "audio codec" section.

Step 3. Choose the "disable audio" option and then "apply to all" before clicking "ok".

Step 4. Lastly, you will click on the "convert" button to begin the process of removing audio from your MP4 video file.

I'm editing and MP4 file with Windows Movie Maker on Windows 10 right now. This is my first time though so maybe is changed recently...?
Yikes, I used this to remove audio from a 5 second clip, and when I exported the "free" version, almost a third of the video had a watermark. Why anyone would use a video like that is beyond me. I am deleting this app right now! Free is only if you want to end up with a crappy video. No thanks!
Free Filmora trial does nothing. How can I trial it if I can't use it to make a video. I get to end after wasting 30 mins, so you are not getting my money out of principle.
mp4 files are not compatible with Windows 10 movie maker.
You should also mention that the "evaluation" version of Filmora will plant a GIGANTIC FILMORA LOGO on top of the exported video. So... ugly!!
Instructions are WRONG, at least for the Windows version.

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