Video Editor for Instagram: Edit Videos for Instagram

Video Editor for Instagram: Edit Videos for Instagram

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By Elva | Mar 22,2018 17:31 pm

The desire to post captivating videos on Instagram has often led many persons to go through fruitless search on the internet as they hope to find a good video editor for Instagram. If you are about quality, then you should be on the lookout for an Instagram video editing app that is easily operable by a beginner and one that adds professional flavor to your output (video post) at the end- an Instagram video editor that is capable of 'making (a video) expert out of a beginner. Many video editing software are available on the internet and they do appear as being promising until you try them out; then you will see that your desire for quality video has not been met.

A Great Instagram Video Editor - Filmora Video Editor

The Best Instagram Video Editor

However, there is one video editing software I will advise you go for, and that is Filmora Video Editor. It is designed to satisfy your taste for quality video and give your audience a pleasurable viewing of your videos on Instagram. But why Filmora? Well, aside the fact that it has been designed with quality in mind, the exciting features of this wonderful Instagram video editing software will make you- and even the audience fall in love with your Instagram videos over and over again. Some of the key features you will be able to utilize on Filmora include:

  • 200+ overlays and filters to enable you add some tweaks to your videos. Hence, you can decide to take your video back in time or make it cinematic, etc.
  • Animated text and titles that you can select in order to give your video a delineation just the way you like.
  • Music library support that lets you add your favorite song to the background of your Instagram video.
  • Over 300 motion graphics that you choose from to tell the world what's going on even beyond the motion picture itself.
  • Elements that enable you to have pictures within your video. With this, you can tell your story from different angles.

Tutorial on How to Edit Videos for Instagram

Below step-by-step guide will show you how to edit videos for Instagram on Windows PC. For Mac users, you go with the same steps with Filmora Video Editor for Mac.

Step 1. Launch the Instagram Video Editor

After you have fully downloaded and installed the program, click on the application to launch it. There are both Easy Mode and Full Feature Mode for you to choose. If this is the first time you try to edit videos, you can start with the Easy Mode.

choose mode

Step 2. Import Videos to The Instagram Video Editor

When the software is ready for use, click on the 'Import' tab and thereafter, select the videos you wish to work on. This video editor for Instagram can be used to edit different video and photo format.

add video

Step 3. Edit The Video

Edit the video by choosing from any of the video editing features on the tool bar. You can trim, split and crop your video to give an appropriate dimension of your choice. You can also adjust the speed and general appearance of your video. And interestingly, you can apply an effect to make your video play in the reverse order.

edit video in full feature mode

Step 4. Export The Video

Having finished the editing, you can now export your video on computer by selecting a video format or directly export it to the mobile.

export video

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