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How to Delete Apps From iPhone 5 or iPod Touch

So you've downloaded, or purchased some of the new iPhone/iPod touch apps from the App Store. But not long after, you noticed that there is no need to install that app. This tutorial will guide you in deleting it from your iPhone or iPod touch (iPod touch 4 included). Follow the following steps, and you will easily delete apps from you iPhone (iPhone 5 and 4S included):


  1. On the springboard, locate the app you want to delete.
  2. Tap and hold down the icon of the application you want to delete. After a few seconds your screen will start to "wiggle" and an X will appear next to each of the apps you've installed via the App Store.
  3. Tap the "x" next to the icon of the app you want to remove. When prompted, select "Delete".
    delete apps from iPhone or iPod touch
  4. Poof !!! And now it's gone.
  5. If the application is listed in your iTunes Applications as well, you'll want to remove it from there - or else it will re-install the next time you sync. Alternately you can keep the app in your iTunes Applications, and set iTunes not to sync all applications, just the ones you want to keep. See the Applications tab of your device the next time it's connected in iTunes for syncing options.

how do I get them back? Do I have to restore?

OK, the good news is you needn't restore your iPhone or iPod touch (4th iPod touch included) to get your apps back. If your apps are downloaded via your own Apple ID, you can get them back on App Store: open the App Store, go to Updates and tap on Purchased then you can redownload your previous purchases and downloads. Detailed info: iPhone App Store.

If you have backed up them on your iTunes or iCloud, you can also restore your deleted apps via iTunes or iCloud. (iCloud is only available on iOS 5 devices.)

Thank you, it's been driving me mad trying to work out how to delete them
I have an app that shows "waiting", and no matter what I do, I can't get rid of it. Now what? I tried the "wiggling" thing, but there is no X in the box.
Thank you, I had no problems deleting unwanted apps. I appreciate your easy instructions.
How can you delete the apps that come with the iPod
thank you it was helpful !!!!
Its ok . I have found it simply went onto my istore and went to purchased - apps not on phone - hide this seems to have deleted the unwanted apps and has removed them from purchased on my phone.
Deleteing the app is straight forward but how to you dlete the app from app history? So its clear the app in question has been deleted and isnt visable on my screen When I go to updates then click on purchased the app is still there in the history. What I can see is a option to open any app that is on my front screen and the cloud that holds the history - how do I delete the app completely so its history isnt visable ?
There is no "x" when the screen wiggles
I do not have an x on the icon I want to deleteLise
Emily Krombas
What do you do if no X appears when the apps are wiggling?
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