How to Remove iPhone from iTunes

Adam Cash updated on 2022-05-05 10:29:47

iTunes is a media player, online radio broadcaster, media library and mobile device management application created and developed by Apple Inc. It is commonly used to play, download and organize digital video or audio and any other type of media offered on the iTunes Store platform. The iTunes Store is usually available on iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac computer, and you can remove iphone from iTunes any time you want. Other than iOS devices and computers, the store is also available in Microsoft Windows operating systems.

When you use some iTunes Store features on any iOS device or computer, the iOS devices or computer are automatically linked with your Apple ID in the iTunes account settings. Usually these features include:

  • Subscribing to iTunes Match
  • Turning on automatic downloads
  • Turning on iCloud Music library
  • Turning on family sharing
  • Downloading past purchases you had already made in the App Store, Mac App Store, iTunes Store or iBooks Store

You can have maximum of 10 devices or 5 computers associated with your Apple ID and iTunes at the same time. Once every 90 days, devices and computers can be linked with a different Apple ID. You can download new purchases, buy content and replay content you have saved to listen to offline.

View associated devices

Before removing iPhone from iTunes, you should see if you have any associated devices. Your iTunes Account Information specifically lists the devices and computers that you have associated with your Apple ID using the iTunes Store features. You can view your associated devices by accessing iTunes in the Cloud section and select Manage Devices. If you have not linked any device or computer to your Apple ID you will not be able to view the Manage Devices part. Each device’s information can be viewed. Next to any given device, you can check when it is connected with your Apple ID and also keep track of how many days are remaining before associating your device or computer with a different Apple ID.

How to Remove iPhone from iTunes

You can remove an associated device, in this case remove iPhone from iTunes if it has passed the 90 days limit or if you need to change it with a different device. Removing iPhone from iTunes can be simply done by following basic steps.

Step 1

Open iTunes, and sign in into your iTunes accounts by entering your Apple ID and password.

log in itunes

Step 2

Once you are signed in, click on your name and from the drop-down menu select Account info.

itunes account information

Step 3

Re-enter your password. Below the iTunes present in the cloud section, click Manage Devices.

itunes manage device

Step 4

Finally, click Remove button next to the associated device that you want to remove.

remove iphone from itunes

If you are not able to click Remove or the button, the iPhone that you are trying to remove has already connected to your Apple ID over the past 30 days. This can be resolved by signing out of the iTunes Store on that iPhone and then try to remove it.

On removing the iPhone from your Apple ID, the 90-day period or limit still stays put on that device. However, you can link your Apple ID to any other device or computer that does not have the 90-day limit. Associating the iPhone to a new Apple ID depends on when you associated it and might require you to wait for a given period so as to link the device again.

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