Must Played Love Songs for Valentine's Day 2023

Elva updated on 2023-03-06 16:14:25

Are you looking for special songs to play for Valentine’s Day? I know, love songs are indispensable for Valentine's Day. That's why I introduce you the top 15 most popular songs for Valentine's Day as well as the way to download them. Check out the details below.

Top 15 Most Popular Songs for Valentine's Day

#1. Thinking Out Loud

This song by Ed Sheeran is the perfect love song to play for your loved one on Valentine’s Day. According to Ed Sheeran himself, this highly romantic ballad is a walking down the aisle song but when you listen to the song with the video, it actually stands out as a waltz around your castle song too.

#2. All of Me

The record breaking romance song from 2014 by John Legend. It was the 2nd most popular download of 2014. It has been praised by the critics as one of the best love songs ever. Caution be taken though, this mountainous song is reserved only for the serious couples, casual daters should avoid it.

#3. Still Into You

This is a beautiful song by Paramore that is ideal to play for your long-time partner. Tell your beloved how you feel through this song. Let them know that you still love them with everything you have, even after all this time.

#4. Treasure

This song by Bruno Mars can be defined as a modern day love song that packs a 70’s punch in the most amazing way possible. It’s funky, it’s fun, and it’s simply adorable. If you’re looking for a good and decent song for Valentine’s Day, pick this.

#5. Sugar

This funky single by Maroon 5 is as sweet as its name. If you’re looking to avoid the mushy love conversations and gifts, try out this song. It’s great for couples that want to laugh, dance, and just have fun on Valentine’s Day.

#6. Love on Top

A fun song that you can easily sing to your partner on Valentine’s Day. This sweet love song by Beyonce is the sort of song that you can play at any time of the day. Whether you’re watching a movie, drinking hot chocolate, or having a lovely dinner with your sweetheart, this is the casual love song that you should play for Valentine’s Day.

#7. Beautiful

Mariah Carey is known by many as the queen of love songs. #Beautiful is another wonderful addition to her list of love ballads. How could any Valentine’s Day song playlist be complete without a contribution from this marvelous popstar?

#8. XO

We all know that X’s and O’s are the symbolic letters for kisses and hugs but do you know that the letter ‘X’ has been used to represent a kiss ever since the Middle Ages? Enough of the history lessons though, this light-hearted love song by Beyonce is a mid-tempo fun to play song for your darling on Valentine’s Day.

#9. She Looks So Perfect

This song by 5 Seconds of Summer’s is their debut single. It describes young love by the ways of skinny jeans, tattoos, and mixed tapes. So, if you’re looking for a punk-love song on Valentine’s Day, here’s the perfect one for you.

#10. Little Things

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for you to list down all the little things that make your partner unique. One way is to write down all those little things that you do, or you could just simply play this song. Express your love for your special one by singing along this sweet song by One Direction.

#11. A Sky Full of Stars

As with every other song by Coldplay, this song connects directly to your soul. It is a beautiful composition that has been co-written and co-produced by Avicii. It displays an old tradition of elevating love to a status that is beyond this world, a status that is as bright as the stars.

#12. Unconditionally

A powerful and vocal song by Katy Perry that declares unconditional love. It’s a romantic and intimate song that can help you express your passion for your loved one on Valentine’s Day.

#13. Let Her Go

This song might seem like a breakup song but technically, it’s not. This song by Passenger is about loving so much that you’re ready to ‘let them go’. It creates an atmosphere of romance and love. This might just be the best song that you can play to create the right mood for Valentine’s Day.

#14. Love Me Like You Do

The title of the song says it all. A great song to play for your sweetheart to let them know how special their love is for you. Even know this is the soundtrack of the rather controversial film ’50 Shades of Grey’, you might want to keep that image aside when listening to it on Valentine’s Day.

#15. I Won’t Give Up

Relationship are not entirely about the sweet and intimate moments, instead they’re a lot more about love, dedication, and hard work. These are the things that are essential for making any relationship last. This feeling of holding onto someone and having the ‘no quit’ attitude towards them is actually very difficult to explain. This is exactly where this beautiful guitar tuned song by Jason Mraz comes in. It turns these feelings into music so that you can express yourself to your dearest.

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