Many Mountain Lion users may have found that when they click "Share to iDVD" in iMovie. Nothing happen. Why? That's because iDVD doesn't come with new Mac computers any more since Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion). I know it's strange. The principle is that if you don't have iDVD for Mountain Lion, you should not put that item in the menu, right? But that's Apple. You have to find other solutions to put video to a DVD disc, or choose other way to save movies, such as uploading to YouTube and saving to a USB stick. From Apple's point of view, DVD is becoming less and less popular than downloading from iCloud, YouTube, Facebook, etc. This article will share two ways to put your movies to DVD:

Part 1: Download iDVD for Mountain Lion Alternative: DVD Creator for Mac

iSkysoft DVD Creator for Mac is an ideal alternative to iDVD for Mountain Lion. It includes most features of iDVD, in addition to its unique benefits like broad format support, instantly slideshow making, diverse output formats, etc. This is the easiest way to burn a DVD disc from iMovie videos, iPhoto pictures and your favorite music.

It's very easy to use iSkysoft DVD Creator for Mac to make DVD home movies. Take iMovie for example. When you've finished your movie, go to Share > iDVD (or File > Export depending on iMovie's version) to export your movie to MOV or MP4 format, and then follow 3 steps to burn a DVD disc. If you are using Lion, see iDVD for Lion.

iSkysoft DVD Creator for Mac 

Why Choose iDVD for Mountain Lion Alternative

Burn Various Formats

It can burn MP4, MOV, WMV, MKV, M4V, AVI, VOB, 3GP, FLV, and more to DVD easily and quickly.

Burn Web Videos

Burn videos or movies from YouTube, Facebook, Google, Dailymotion, and other video sites to DVD.

Personalize Your DVD

You can get many free DVD menu templates to fit your theme. Also customize your videos in video editor.

Create Photo Slideshow

Just drag and drop photos to make photo slideshow with your favorite background music.

Steps to Burn DVD with iDVD for Mountain Lion

Step 1

Import videos or photos to this iDVD alternative for Mountain Lion. When you have installed the program on your Mac, launch the program and click Create a New Project to open the DVD burning window. Now you can directly drag and drop the videos or photos to the window. And the files will be imported to the program. Alternatively, you can click the + icon on the top right corner of the window and select your desired files to import them to the program.

import video to dvd creator

Step 2

Create a DVD menu. This program provides you with many beautiful DVD menu templates. You can click the Menu button to show the menu list. And then double click any one to apply it to your video. After that, you can click the triangle arrow at the bottom right corner of the program main interface to preview your video.

select menu in idvd for mountain lion

Step 3

Burn DVD with iDVD for Mountain Lion. When everything is ready, click the big green Burn button and you will get a pop-up window with output parameters options. Insert a DVD dis to your Mac if you haven’t done this before. Now check DVD Disc as output and click Save to start burning DVD. Done!

burn dvd with idvd for mountain lion

Video Tutorial on How to Use iDVD for Mountain Lion

Part 2: Download and Install iDVD for Mountain Lion (Mac OS X 10.8)

There's no free version of iDVD for download online and Apple stopped to sell it anywhere. You can only get it from iLife'11 box, if you have it or if not buy from somewhere other than Apple, such as Amazon or MegaMacs. Also tell Apple what you think.

When you download iDVD to Mountain Lion, you should know about these before installation. All messages were collected from Apple's Support Community posted by users like you.

OK, so far so good. Here is the tips. Once you've installed iDVD from the iLife 11 disc you can update it to the latest (and last) version with the updaters from here (Apple - Support - Downloads) .

Done. Now you can either run iDVD on Mountain Lion via some tricks or get easy iDVD alternative for Mountain Lion to burn DVDs. Have fun.

Part 3: Troubleshooting on Using iDVD on Mountain Lion

Problem 1: 'Authorisation Licence' had expired on 25 March this year (2012).

Solution: Set your Mac's clock to sometime before early March 2012, and install again. When complete, reset the time.

Problem 2: Can't open iPhoto.

Solution: iPhoto will be re-installed and there seems to be no way to change it. When you open iPhoto after installing and it will not open, just go to the App Store and reinstall iPhoto to solve the problem.

Dear Li, would you please export the video and check it again? If there is any other question, please let us know.
i downloaded iskysoft as instructed and dragged the movie/slideshow files into it...but when i press play to preview them, they look fine...but the music i had in my movie/slideshow plays super fast / chipmunk-like. what happened? is there any way to fix this? when i play the movie directly on my desktop as a mov file before putting it into iskysoft its perfect. thank you!
Hey, you are awesome! Thank you, for the good Tipps! (and sorry for my bad english, i am german)
I feel that iDVD does not work well on Mac Mountain Lion. Just my personal opinion as well. Use other alternatives and you will get some great results that are easy to pull off. I would never go back to using the old way of IDVD. The alternatives are so much better.
That's just Apple! Putting things in menus where they don't belong! Because boneheaded UI decisions are synonymous with the Mac, and not Windows!
I by a new mac three days a go, After configuring I realized that the program was not installed, Idvd is not installed, I made an appointment on apple store and they installed me the IDVD, and I have not problem to use it, works good with Mountain Lion.
I have Snow Leopard with Idvd, have refused to upgrade to Mtn Lion because I was told there was no way that I would have iDVD be able to work with Mtn Lion. Have had one Apple Care rep tell me his supervisor has iDVD, installed Mtn Lion and has no problems. Everyone else says no way. Have been told iDVD was a terrible program to it was the best thing since mom's apple pie. I intend to make bunches of DVDs from VHS tapes, from miniDV tapes, from IPhone and Android phones from Sony Camera, I would not want to lose any functionality of IDVD. I would not want to lose quality. I would like seamless integration with the other Apple Programs. I really would like what looks like, and don't know if it is, the newest Speech recognition program that comes with Mtn Lion, which looks like it takes the place of Dragon Naturally Speaking. Anyone with practical experience using iDVD vs third party programs, the new speech recognition software?

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DVD Creator for Mac

When I update my Mac to 10.11, my DVD burning tool stop working. I spend long time to find an alternative way to burn DVD. This app help me a lot...

- Henis

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