MPEG Joiner: How to Combine MPEG Files on Mac (Sierra) and Windows 10

MPEG Joiner: How to Combine MPEG Files on Mac (Sierra) and Windows 10

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By Elva | Mar 15,2018 17:54 pm

Can I Combine MPEG Files Together on My Mac Computer?

Yes, that is very much possible with a Mac computer. The most important thing is that Mac and MPEG video file format are highly compatible. That will do away with all the challenges that might be experienced in relation to such a mpeg joiner. Filmora Video Editor is the one you can use to combine MPEG files on Mac or Windows and it ensures the merged MPEG files are seamless. It has quality features and diverse editing tools that will only add to enhance your user experience.

Part 1: Merge MPEG Files with Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor for Mac (or Filmora Video Editor for Windows) is the easiest video editing software for desktop to join MPEG videos. The following instructions will guide you how to combine mpeg files into one:

Step 1. Download and launch Filmora Video Editor

For starters, on this official website, you are provided with a link to download the Filmora software. It should take you a couple of seconds to complete. When the download is done and software installed, launch the program. You will be directed to the main interface. Choose "Create New Movie" to start the MPEG files combining.

combine mpeg files into one

Step 2. Import MPEG videos to the program

To add your MPEG files, click on the "+" button or just drag and drop which is very simple. Make sure you have browsed for all the clips that you want to use.

mpeg joiner

Step 3. Join MPEG files

Add the files to the timeline and arrange them in an orderly way. Yes, you have merged the MPEG videos. You might need to add transitions or intro/credit to the video to make it look naturally for the different scenes. In this case, click "transitions" > select the right one > drag and drop between the video clips.

join mpeg files

Step 4. Save or Export video

With one click on the "Export" button, you will achieve to merge MPEG files within seconds. By the way, you are able to export MPEG files to any device as you want.

join mpeg files

Why Choose Filmora Video Editor

video editing software to Windows 10

Filmora Video Editor for Mac (or Filmora Video Editor for Windows) is the easiest video editing software for desktop to join MPEG videos. There is no extra clicks, but need you to drop the videos to the timeline one-by-one in order. Of course, if you need, you can also drag the videos to change the order. For users who even don't have any experience in editing videos will get the MPEG merged quickly and easily.

  • This video editor is absolutely easy to use & the functionalities and features are simple to apply.
  • Over 200 filters snd overlays make video more creative.
  • Various special features including split screen, green screen, and face-off are also available.
  • Directly upload videos to social media platforms from the video editing software.

Part 2: Combine MPEG Files on Mac with Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro merge MPEG

Final Cut Pro is a very precise software program to use in merging MPEG video clips on Mac. It has very many editing tools and features that will work to your advantage when combining mpeg files into one. That is a big reason why you should choose it over any other in the market.

  1. Begin by importing video files to merge into the timeline of your program.
  2. Come up with a multi-layered effect and then select all the video files that you want to merge.
  3. On the keyboard, press the "L" key. Alternatively, go to the menu bar and click on the "modify" option then "link" to link them up.
  4. Finally, drag all the clips that you have linked to the window of your browser and they will be merged.

Part 3: Join MPEG Files on Mac in iMovie

how to join mpeg files with iMovie

Generally, iMovie is a very popular tool for editing that Mac users know about in the market. It is very simple to merge mpeg files into one using this mpeg video joiner as the following tutorial will demonstrate.

  1. Start new project- when you launch the program, go straight to click on the "file" button and then "new project". Give your new project a name and ensure settings are done right.
  2. Import files- to add your MPEG files to the iMovie, go to "file" then "import" and "movies" to allow you select all the files you want. Click on the "import" button to add the selected files.
  3. Join- you can choose all the files to merge and add them to the project window. Make sure they are well arranged which will merge them automatically. You can add a few transitions to the merged video just to ensure they run smoothly in sections where joining took place.
  4. You will have the option of exporting your single file that has been merged but this is only when it's necessary.

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