In order to remove the some unnecessary and odd portions of a MP4 video or to make a large MP4 video into some small clips, you will need a video editing tool to help you cut and trim these MP4 videos. In this post, you’ll learn how to cut MP4 video in the easiest way with a powerful video editor.

The Best MP4 Trimmer or Cutter - Filmora Video Editor

To cut MP4 videos, you should use Filmora Video Editor for Windows (or Filmora Video Editor for Mac) because of its simplified features. This is a simple MP4 cutter that comes for maintaining the ultimate peace of mind to many amateur to professional video editors. That said, it’s compatible both for Windows and Mac, so you won’t have to worry about regardless your operating system of your PC. The software comes with several awesome features to edit your videos and cut or trim MP4 video.

Key Features of Filmora Video Editor:

  • It has two different modes for general and professional uses.
  • It helps create high-resolution videos by using different effects and features.
  • The user of this tool just needs to follow three easy steps to process a video.
  • Provides lots of video editing tools for users easily to rotate, join, cut and trim mp4 videos.

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Tutorial on How to Trim MP4 Video with Filmora Video Editor

Step 1 Launch the program

To cut MP4 video, the first thing is to launch Filmora Video Editor. To do this, download the software from the main site of the tool. Once the download is complete, install it properly on your PC. Finally, launch it there to cut video in MP4.

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Step 2 Import MP4 video to the program

The next step is to import the MP4 video on the tool. To do this, you’ll need to hit the “Import Media Files Here”. After that, you’ll get to see the file explorer where from, you could select the MP4 video that you need to trim.

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Step 3 Trim MP4 video from the beginning or from the ending part

Now, you’ll have to bring the cursor using drag and drop the video to timeline. You can either place the cursor toward the beginning or the end of the MP4 video clip. Keep doing this until you notice the pointer.

Then, you can move the pointer forward or backward in order to cut either the initial part or the ending part of the video clip.

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Step 4 Cut MP4 video from a middle section of a video

In order to cut a section from the video clip, you’ll need to make it a section which becomes independent from the whole video. Now, take your cursor to the starting and the ending part of the individual section and then, tap on the “scissors” icon. This will cut the portion from the main video. Then, hit the right-button of your mouse and choose “Delete” button to cut MP4.

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Step 5 Save or export video

Finally, once the video cutting is complete now is the time to save or export the video. For doing this, you need to click on the “Export” button. This will bring the format options and choose your preferred format. After selecting the saving preferences for your trimmed video, click on the “Export” button. This will finalize the video trimming and you can now enjoy the video without the bad portion.

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