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Can I cut YouTube Video without losing quality?

Definitely, the ultimate goal of every person is to maintain the high quality of video after cutting. If anything, the quality of YouTube videos improves after cutting because all the unnecessary parts will be removed. There is no way cutting of a video will downgrade its quality as some critics try to argue out. You have to put such fears to rest and make sure you have chosen the right video cutter for your YouTube videos. Don't pick any cutter you come across and expect miracles to happen. Next we will show you 2 popular and easy ways to cut YouTube video.

Part 1: The Easiest Desktop YouTube Video Editor - Filmora Video Editor

Compared with other desktop video editing software, Filmora Video Editor for Windows (Filmora Video Editor for Mac) offers the same features and more than 300 effects and it is pretty easy for users to use. It has basic tools for editing that include rotation, cropping, merging, splitting and trimming which you can get the best out of.

Key Features of Filmora Video Editor:

  • Features record computer screen for recording your computer screen or running video games.
  • Plenty of video editing options, such as split, crop, merge, and trim, etc.
  • Overlays and filters that are specifically designed to give your video a professional touch. 
  • You can export the result video into any video format that you like, burn it into a DVD, and even share it on websites like YouTube, Face book, Vimeo.

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How to Cut YouTube Videos on Mac/Windows Offline

It will be much easier to cut your YouTube videos using Filmora Video Editor just after you have downloaded or before uploading.

Step 1: Download- you can get your videos from YouTube or any other video sharing site. It should not be a concern where you download them from but uploading will be strictly on YouTube. The site where you download from should not have viruses or give you challenges in downloading.

Step 2: The downloaded videos should be stored in the computer system from where you will export to the program. To do that, drag and drop which is the simplest option.

Step 3: From the videos you have imported, choose one to cut and then click "trim". The trim window will open up and the video begins to play.

Step 4: Further, click on the "add mark" button to see the two marks for marking out the start and end points for trimming.

Step 5: Wrap up the procedure.

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  • join youtube files

Part 2: Cut YouTube Videos Online

Have you ever experienced problems cutting your video on YouTube after uploading? If yes, YouTube Video Editor is the solution to that. It is a built-in editor that will give you the best tools for video cutting with ease.

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Step 1: Create project- your first step will be creating a new project and this will be accessed from the "project" dropdown menu. Lookout for thumbnails of all the videos you have uploaded to YouTube on the right side.

Step 2: Drag the video that you want to cut down to the editing window and it will be the same way you will do with a desktop editor.

Step 3: You will see the "quick fixes" screen pop up and then go through the video to activate the scissors. Clicking on the scissors will automatically come up with a cut but be sure to select the ideal sections of the video to cut.

Step 4: From the timeline, you will be able to view the cut videos. The other alternative for trimming your video is by using the borders appearing in blue colors on both ends of the video.

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