VOB Cutter: How to Cut VOB Files Easily

There have been concerns that it's impossible to cut VOB/DVD files. However, those are just myths because several programs are available for that purpose.
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Video Object (VOB) is the major format for DVD videos. With features such as digital audio, digital video, subtitles, and DVD menus, this type of files are easily recognized by the .vob extension. IFO and BUP files with their specific extensions can be accompanying files to VOB. Getting a fixed length, eliminating unnecessary details, and reduction in size are reasons why you may need a VOB video cutter or edited to a specific requirement.The advantage of VOB files is being able to cut them without needing re-encoding.

Part 1: The Easiest VOB Cutter - Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor for Windows (or Filmora Video Editor for Mac) is an easy to use VOB editing software and if professionally-looking output is what you seek; you’ve got it in Filmora video editor software. This software is compatible with your Windows and Mac operating systems. When going for any VOB video cutter software, considerations on features should top your checklist to know which would be more suitable VOB editing tool to use. Why Filmora should be the best video editing software to choose is nothing other than its functionality and great features that make how to cut VOB videos a seamless task for even newbies to quickly and easily implement.

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Key Features of Filmora Video Editor:

  • Filmora Video Editor is a VOB cutter that makes importing videos from different sources such as iPad, iPhone, camera, Android and other devices simple with a few clicks of the button.
  • With Filmora Video Editor you can work with two modes - Easy and Full-featured options. These modes give the user room to apply quick editing from basic to advanced editing tools.
  • This video editing software gives the freedom to personalize a video with its transition features and green screen style application. With over 120 different types of texts and title effects, making a unique edit is conveniently made with Filmora video editor software.
  • This VOB cutter tool gives the functionality of screen recording when running the program on your PC.
Free Download For Win 7 or later (64-bit)
Free Download For macOS 10.12 or later

Tutorial on How to Cut VOB Files with Filmora Video Editor

Step 1. Launch the program

If you’ve already installed the program, run the program on your computer. And then click on the "Full Feature Mode" to open the video editing window.

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Step 2. Import VOB video to the program

Import the VOB file to be cut from your computer by simply clicking the import button at the top left corner of the Filmora editor software interface to load unto the editor’s left pane.

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Step 3. Trim VOB video from the beginning or from the ending part

To begin the editing process, drag & drop the VOB video from the left window to Filmora’s timeline. That is, the window by the right-hand corner.

You can start the cut from the beginning or from the end of the clip, move the cursor at any of this position along the path you want to be trimmed till a pointer appears. Drag the pointer forward or backward at the beginning or ending to trim the video.

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Step 4. Cut VOB video from a middle section of a video

To cut VOB file from a section in the middle, you must first make a separation between the original video clip and the section at the middle to be trimmed. Move the cursor to mark the beginning and end of this portion, click the scissors icon to first make the separation before finally right clicking the video and deleting the said section.

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Step 5. Save or export video

Save the result of the cut process by clicking on create. This gives formats to save in. Go ahead and save and you can now save in a device or share your work on social media platforms.

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Free Download For Win 7 or later (64-bit)
Free Download For macOS 10.12 or later

Part 2: Top 5 Free Download VOB Cutter

#1. Gilisoft Video Editor

gilisoft video editor

Gilisoft Video Editor is also a VOB video cutter free download. It helps you easily cut VOB format video files. Besides, you can use this Video Editor to do others video editing, including video cutting, joining, splitting, cropping and adding special effects.

#2. Weeny Free Video Cutter


This video cutter software cuts files such as MGP, MP4, and VOB to formats such as AVI. Cutting videos to exclude trailers and adverts are easily done with Weeny Free Video Cutter. You can make customizations like changing video order, codec, and frame bitrate on this tool. Adjustments on quality, size and volume can also be free made.

#3.Chick Video Cutter

chick video cutter

Chick video cutter is a VOB video splitter, video cutter, and video clipper. You can join videos of various lengths with this free tool. It not only supports VOB but also AVI, DIVX, and MP4 videos. It is high-speed software that is compatible with most Windows operating systems.

#4. Torrent Video Cutter

torrent video cutter

Torrent Video Cutter is a perfect video cutter to cut VOB video files into several segments easily and quickly. Torrent Video Cutter supports all popular video formats such as AVI, MPEG, WMV, ASF, RM, RMVB, 3GP and MP4 video.

#5. DVD Cutter Plus

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For this cutter, making a VOB video cut comes with a quality finish. It is user friendly and useful for cutting large videos into smaller sizes The clip created is of the same quality as the original. All Windows users will find this tool useful because it is compatible with all Windows operating system.

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