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It is not easy telling a good MP4 video cutter from others because they all deliver similar results. However, you cannot miss out on one that beats the rest in performance and this boils down to features. That is what you should focus on in making an informed choice.

Can you tell me where to download free mp4 cutter?

Online sites are many from where you can get to download a free MP4 cutter. You must be very careful in your shopping because some of the sites are counterfeits and are only there for commercial purposes. The best site to download from should be of high reputation and experience in offering high quality MP4 cutters. Ensure there are no hidden charges and the downloading process is secured against infiltration by viruses. Do not just pick a site for the sake of it but you must be sure it is the best one for satisfying your needs.

Part 1: The Easiest and most cost-effective Desktop MP4 Cutter

Filmora Video Editor allows you to trim, split and cut a section of a video easily. Apart from video cutting, Filmora Video Editor will give you the privilege of enjoying majority of other editing functions to enhance your video. You can do color correction, add animated titles, do mosaic, scene detection and green screen, etc. Moreover, Filmora Video Editor supports multiple video, audio and image formats, allowing you to edit almost any video without a hitch.

Filmora video editor

Tutorial: How to Cut MP4 videos via Filmora Video Editor

Step 1. Download and install Filmora Video Editor on your computer. Launch it > drag and drop the MP4 videos to the program. All of the MP4 videos will be displayed in the Media Library area.

Step 2. Drag the MP4 video file you want to cut to the timeline of the program.

Step 3. To cut the beginning or end of the MP4 video, just move the cursor at the beginning or end of the video. When the cursor becomes a cross, move it forward or backward to do the cutting. If you want to cut a section of a video, first move the cursor to the beginning you want it to be, then click the scissors icon. After then drag the cursor to the end of the part you want to cut and click the scissors icon. You see, the part you want to cut is there. Right-click on the clip and select Delete to cut the MP4 video

Step 4. Click "Export" to save the video clip to your computer.

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Part 2: Top 3 Online Free MP4 Cutters

The following MP4 cutters are available in both premium and free versions. Choose the free version and enjoy maximum benefits of your lifetime when editing video.

#1: Wincreator Video Cutter

mp4 cutter

Key Features:

You will get this for free and comes with ease of use. You will be able to browse through the computer system to get the video files. When editing, this cutter has the provision for marking both starting and ending points making the entire process very easy. Make sure you preview your work before proceeding further to ensure no mistakes are committed.


#2: Cellsea Video Editor

cut mp4 video

Key Features:

MP4 is one among the many file formats that this cutter supports. When through cutting the video and other basic editing tasks, it will be another easy step to upload them to very many online sites. Sharing is probably the biggest feature that this video cutter comes with. You will be able to share your edited video with as many people as possible online for free.


#3: Online Video Cutter

mp4 video cutter

Key Features:

You don't need to be told that this cutter will cost you nothing to enjoy its services; it's available freely over the internet. Among the several file formats supported by this video cutter is MP4. Its high compatibility rate means that you will have ease in downloading your videos to mobile device platforms like iPhone, iPad and iPod. The choice will be yours to make because you will benefit from easy cutting of your MP4 videos online.


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