How to Edit GoPro 4K Videos

How to Edit GoPro 4K Videos

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By Elva | Jun 20,2018 17:17 pm

I need to edit GoPro 4K videos, who can help?

Editing GoPro 4K videos can prove quite intricate with insufficient knowledge. Fortunately, the advent of great video editors helps decipher the difficulties in editing quality media files like GoPro 4K. However, curating through an enormous list may prove quite tortuous. There are several video editors capable of editing your GoPro 4K videos. Simply get the best one and enjoy effective video editing. Therefore, if you are in this situation then we have got you covered with Filmora Video Editor.

Part 1: Best GoPro 4K Video Editing Software - Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor for Windows (or Filmora Video Editor for Mac) is a top pick GoPro video editor software packed with up to scratch editing functionalities. Being top of the heap as far as media files edit comes into play, you would anticipate a rather simple yet functional program. That is definitely the case here. The modern intuitive interface characterized by clean clear instructions and icons provides an unmatchable experience. In fact, expertise is not a prime requirement as even any beginner with some basic computing skills can confidently handle the task. If you are hesitant on the aforementioned prowess, then get yourself the free version of Filmora Video Editor. This would let you check the features before finally settling on the paid version which has unlimited features. Here are features that you will enjoy when you install this GoPro video editor on your computer.

gopro 4k video editing

Key Features of Filmora Video Editor

  • Filmora Video Editor offers full range editing options ranging from basic ones to the advanced useful editing tools including split video, rotate video, trim video, rotate video, speed control, stabilize video, colour tuning, pan and zoom, and among others.
  • It has an assortment of standout videos effects which helps create amazing videos. This is achieved by the more than 200 filters.
  • This program offers plenty of options for users to save and share their edited videos. Users can freely export videos to preferred formats, save for popular hot devices like iPhone, share on online platforms like Facebook, or even burn to DVD.
  • It also has a preview window which enables users to check whether their editing meets their need before finally exporting.

How to Edit GoPro 4K Videos using Filmora Video Editor

Step 1. Launch Filmora Video Editor

Download Filmora Video Editor and install it in your PC. Once the program is successfully installed, simply hit the program’s icon to display the primary window. Now, transfer your GoPro 4K videos to the same PC and save them in a convenient save location. Alternatively, you can connect it to the computer and import files directly from your device.

gopro edit templates

Step 2. Import GoPro 4K Videos

On the main interface, navigate to the “Import” tab and select “Import Media Files” option. Select the respective GoPro 4K videos and click “Open” to upload these files. You can also drag these files from the save location and drop on the program's interface.

edit gopro 4k videos

Step 3. Edit your videos

Once uploaded, again drag these files from the Media Library to the Timeline located at the bottom of the program.

On the timeline, move the cursor on either end until an I-like pointer appears. Drag the edges to adjust the length of your video as per your need. Next right click on the video on the timeline click on “Edit” to be able to get basic editing options like contrast, hue, volume, saturation among others.

edit gopro 4k video

To add effects, click on the respective effect and drag it to the video on the timeline to apply it to the video.

how to edit gopro 4k video

Step 4. Export Videos

When you have completed your editing, click the “Export” button either on the Timeline or on the Toolbar. Subsequently, you can select “Create Video” to display the output window. Select the desired target format, provide the file save path and name, and resolution if necessary before finally clicking the “Export” button. The program would immediately commence processing your newly edited video. When successfully completed, just locate your video in the defined location you provided.

gopro 4k video editor

Part 2: How to Edit GoPro 4K Videos on Adobe Premiere Pro

Step 1. Create New Project

Launch Adobe Premiere Pro in your computer and get started by creating a new project. A new project window shall be displayed where you are prompted to enter the name and save location of your project. Now navigate to the save path and open the newly created project. Make sure all the Scratch Disk tab is set to “Same as Project”.

Step 2. Upload the Media Files

Adobe Premiere Pro offers multiple ways of importing media files to the program’s window. Navigate to the “File” menu and subsequently select “Import” option. From the file explorer displayed, select the respective files and upload them. Once the media files have been imported, go to “File” and choose “New Sequence”. The new sequence window is displayed where you can choose your preferred sequence setting. Just leave the default setting, rename the sequence and click “OK”.

Step 3. Add Media Files to Timeline

Drag one of the imported media files to the Timeline. Since this clip is the first to get dropped onto the timeline, the program will ask whether you wish to match the sequence settings to the video clip. Simply hit “Change Sequence Settings”.

Step 4. Edit your Video

Double-click one of the files in the project panel to load to the source monitor. Set the desired clip size using the mark in and mark out buttons. Now drag the clip to the timeline either from the project or source monitor.

Start editing your video as per your need. Use the Selection Tool to adjust its length, and the Razor Tool to split your clip. Select the edit option of your choice and edit your video files to your need.

editing gopro 4k videos

Part 3: How to Edit GoPro 4K Videos using Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro lacks the ability to handle the edits of 4K resolutions, hence, the master option is to compress the format to say 1080p. To make it snappy, users ought to look for an appropriate converter tool before uploading to Final Cut Pro for editing.

Step 1. Launch Final Cut Pro

Launch Adobe Premiere Pro in your computer and get started by creating a new project. A new project window shall be displayed where you are prompted to enter the name and save location of your project. Now navigate to the save path and open the newly created project. Make sure all the Scratch Disk tab is set to “Same as Project”.

Step 2. Upload the video files

Navigate to the program’s main menu and select “File”. From the sub-menu displayed, choose “Import” then choose one of the import options displayed. These options include Media, iMovie Project, iMovie Event Library, Camera and XML among others. Choose the respective save path to upload the file. in our case, we are going for the camera. Locate the Camera icon on the top-left sliding bar and hit to import the video clips to be edited.

final cut pro edit gopro 4k videos

Step 3. Create new or add to the existing event

Once you are done selecting the files to be imported, just hit the return to select an event. You can simply choose to create a new event or just add to existing event. After finishing all the necessary settings within this window, hit the “Import” tab to import your videos.

final cut pro edit gopro 4k video

Step 4. Edit video files

Locate the imported media files just under the “All Clips” item. Right-click on the desired video and select “Open in Timeline” from the drop-down list of options displayed. The video clip would then be displayed in the timeline where you can access a host of editing options. Freely split, trim, delete, and merge videos as per your need.

final cut pro editing gopro 4k video

Why Choose Filmora Video Editor

• Filmora video editor is a comprehensive tool which houses several editing functionalities within the same application. This means you would not have to go after a third party editor to fill some editing niches.

• Filmora video editor supports scores of file formats ranging from popular old and new formats. In fact, it supports a high-quality resolution which is quite difficult for some applications. In fact, some applications like Final Cut Pro requires that you compress 4K videos before editing on its platform.

• Filmora video editor is simple and straightforward. Thanks to the well-designed modern and intuitive interface. Users can navigate with tranquillity and hardly encounter difficulties.

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