The Best Video Editor for GoPro Video Editing on Mac

The Best Video Editor for GoPro Video Editing on Mac

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By Elva | Mar 16,2018 16:18 pm

GoPro video editing usually makes these videos better. This means that the editing improves the original quality of the videos. Furthermore, the editing allows people to customize their videos the ways they want. This includes removing or adding some things. One can also add audio background on the video to make it more entertaining. All what one needs is to know how to edit GoPro videos effectively. It is also paramount to use the right tool to edit the videos because the tool used plays an important role in determining the quality of the video.

The Best Video Editor for GoPro on Mac (10.13 Included)

The Best GoPro Video Editor

The most ideal tool for editing Gopro videos on Mac is Filmora Video Editor for Mac. The program comes with easy mode and full feature mode with the easy mode being the right mode for learners who might not be conversant with video editors. On the other hand, the full feature mode comes with more features which provide almost everything that is needed for video editing. This program is designed in a way that only three steps are required to edit the videos regardless of the mode being used. Through the simple three steps one can add almost anything on the videos and make them more entertaining.

  • More than 200 types of overlays and filters which are meant to make editing more sophisticated. Through the more than 200 options one can choose how to edit the video and how it will look at the end
  • Ability to trim, rotate, crop, join and split videos through using the scene detection feature
  • Ability to export and share videos in a simple manner.
  • Options to record voiceovers for the videos
  • The ability to preview the videos with full screen option

Steps for Gopro Video Editing on Mac (High Sierra Included)

Step 1. Launch the Program

The first step is to launch the program where you just need to click it amongst the applications. When it opens you will see its interface which is straight forward.

choose mode

Step 2. Import GoPro Videos to Video Editor

To import the gopro videos, you can select "Import Media" from File or just need to drag and drop the video on the interface of the program. This video editor is made in a way that it supports videos, photos and audios which are imported from smartphones, cameras and camcorders amongst other modern gadgets you can use to record videos.

add gopro video

Step 3. Edit GoPro Videos on Mac

After dropping the video you have several editing options which you can do. You can crop, merge, split, filter, add green –scenes and transitions amongst other editing options. To rotate the video you just need to double click on the video. To trim you need to drag the pointer at the end or begging of the video. To split and crop you need to click on the scissors and cropping icon. To combine videos you just need to drag the files to the timeline in the particular order you want.

edit gopro videos on mac

Step 4. Export The Edited GoPro Video

There are different ways of exporting videos with their most basic being to save specific video format and then optimizing for devices such as iPad or iPhones. You should then upload the videos directly to share. You can also burn the content on DVDs depending on what you need. Therefore, you can conveniently use Filmora Video Editor to edit GoPro videos on Mac.

export video

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