Top 10 Video Cutter for PC to Cut Videos in High Quality

Top 10 Video Cutter for PC to Cut Videos in High Quality

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By Elva | Jun 29,2018 11:36 am

Sometimes you might need to trim certain sections of a video to remove unwanted part with a video trimmer for PC. There are several websites that can be used for video cutter download for PC. Some of the trimmers which can be downloaded and used with ease are mentioned as under. These are top 10 video cutter for PC which can make the video cutting and trimming very easy for the users to perform.

Best Video Cutter for Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista

#1. Filmora Video Editor for Windows

Filmora Video Editor is a multifaceted video editing software suitable for every individual in need of any media file editing across the globe- whether basic or professional advanced editing. This efficacious software attained this vast popularity and use thanks to its perfectly designed super clear, simple yet functional interface. In this regard, all scope of users is accommodated ranging from non-pro editing persons to experts -of course experiencing minimal or no navigation hurdles at all. This indispensable must-have video editor is compatible with popular and common operating systems namely Windows and Mac hence taking it to the apex as far as media file editing comes into play.

best video cutter
  • Filmora Video Editor has a user-friendly interface that makes it super-easy for users to navigate.
  • Simply import, edit, and export their videos of interest at a high-quality resolution of up to 4K.
  • It has an array of crucial and most sought editing capabilities like merge, cut, trim, add text and overlay, and split screen among others.
  • Provides a platform through which users can import both videos and photos directly from popular social sites such as Facebook.
  • This program offers a variety of important advanced features which include Video Stabilization, Audio Separation, Screen Recording, Green Screen, 3D Lut, Auto-Crop, and Advanced Text Editing among others.

How to Cut Videos using Filmora Video Editor

Step 1. Import video file

After you have downloaded and successfully installed Filmora Video Editor in your pc, simply click on its icon to open. To import video files into the program, hit the “Files” located menu on the top left side of the software interface and a sub-menu will be displayed. Navigate to “Import Media” and follow the on-screen instructions then select the file and click “Open” button.

video cutter for pc

Step 2. Cut Video

Drag your video file from the User’s Album to the video track on the timeline. Click on this video and play on the preview window to point out the section you want to cut. When you have noted, move the slider to the position and right click. From the edit options displayed, select split first to avoid cutting the whole video file from the timeline, then without more ado, right click on the target segment and now select cut.

video cutter for windows 10

If necessary, you can repeat the same step to cut different section in the same video file. Perform other editing options like crop, add texts and overlays, and split screen among others by simply tapping their respective icons and the subsequent on-screen instructions.

video cutter for windows 7

Step 3. Export the Video

When you have finished and fully satisfied cutting your video, hit on “Export” button. You are inclined to select the output format, give your video a name and choose appropriate save path. Moreover, this program tender ability also to either upload the video directly to YouTube, Facebook, send to your device or burn on DVD.

video trimmer for pc

#2. Free Video Cutter

video cutter pc

The videos can be cut with ease when it comes to this video cutter app for PC. It is video cutter free download for windows 7 and hence can be used with any version of the OS. As a video cutter for windows 7 there are many features which can only be enjoyed if it is downloaded. The program dissects the video into many sections. It therefore maintains the video quality which most of the users want to have. This stunning video editor has all what it takes to be a good video editor.

#3. Media Cope

video cutter free download for windows 10

The best part of this video cutter for PC is that it can download the streams from the internet as well. It works as a player as well and therefore can be used in place of the default player. The program has been rated high by the users and it is all because of the features it provides. Though video cutting is just a small part of it but works effectively.

#4. Cute Video Cutter

video trimmer windows

The functions of this video cutter for Windows 7 are very easy to understand and hence this program is very easy to operate. The abilities of the program to run multiple windows allow the users to cut and join more than one videos at the same time. This video trimmer windows program has complete ability to match the needs in a versatile manner.

#5. MooO Video Cutter

video cutter windows

The users can easily cut and save the video scenes they want by using this video cutter for Windows tool. The pro level usage of this program makes it a first choice for all. It is a program which can be regarded for video editing of any level. The video cutting has never been as easy as it is with this program. From space saving to cutting the videos as required this program has a lot to offer.

#6. Video Edit Master

best video cutter for windows 10

The retaining of video quality of the original video is the one thing that this video editor is best at. The overall cutting and joining of videos has been very easy and therefore it is the one that is to be used for the purpose. The system resources are well maintained by this program and it never runs into any kind of issues. The video edit master can tackle any video cutting and even joining with ease which makes it one of the best tools on this list.

#7. Gihosoft Free Video Cutter

video cutter windows 10

Besides the ability of cutting your video files, this video cutter for pc are easy to use interface and even easier functions. The overall manipulation of any kind of video is very easy to perform and hence it is regarded as one of the programs which make lives of video editors easy. From start to select positions and the editing in between everything is done with ease and satisfaction of the user.

#8. Windows Movie Maker

video cutter app for pc

This movie maker also acts as cutter and joiner and therefore it is used by people who want one stop shop for all their editing needs. The overall maintenance of the editing video is same as the original one. The user can make sure that the videos are edited using the state of the art technology that has been embedded within.

#9. Free Video Cutter Joiner

video cutter for windows

If the large video files are to be cut then this program should be used. The mechanism which this video cutter software for windows 7 follows is simplest for the users to understand. Once the files are imported the next steps run on auto pilot and therefore it is highly recommended. With large format support and video joining capabilities this program is worth giving a shot.

#10. VideoPad

best video trimmer for pc

For this program the video length does not matter so it can be used to easily cut and join videos with ease and perfection. The overall make of the video cutter for windows is very professional and therefore it means that the program can be used for high end video editing as well. The program has been designed keeping view the video cutting demands of the users. The end result of this program is awesome and therefore it should be used. Being free never means substandard quality and this program proves it.

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