A portable hard drive is essentially an external digital storage device wherein you can store your media files. They are mostly plug and play which means that you would not need any special formatting or software to use them. They can simply be inserted into any machine and the data can be copied to and from the device. Basically, we need these portable hard drives for transferring and storing information. Sometimes, your computer may not have ample space for storing all you files. In this article, I will give you the review on the top brands. Have a look.

Part 1. Choose the Best Portable External Hard Drive for Mac and PC

If you are wondering as to what are the best portable hard drives, here are a few options which you can choose.

1. Seagate Seven Portable Drive

portable hard drive

It is just 7mm thick and has a capacity of 500 GB. It is a little on the expensive side but it does make up for the same with its performance. The design is praiseworthy but if you are a stickler for budget, you may look for alternatives.


  • Great performance.
  • Phenomenal design.


  • Expensive.
  • Only 500 GB of storage.

2. Western Digital My Passport Slim

portable external hard drive

Western digital is a name to reckon with in the field of hard drives. It is known for its range of amazing products. This 1 TB hard drive is a good choice.


  • Commendable performance.
  • Metal casing.
  • Good run for money.


  • A little thicker, which makes it less comfortable for carrying.

3. LaCie Little Big Disk Thunderbolt 2

portable hard drives

If you have a knack for speed when choosing external hard drives, this seems to be the best you could ask for.


  • Exceptionally fast.
  • A transfer speed of more than 1000 Mbps.


  • Extremely costly.

4. Transcend Store Jet 25M3

portable hard drive reviews

Transcend is one of the premier names in the field of external storage.


  • Shock resistant.
  • One touch auto backup option.
  • Average to good speed.


  • Not the best product for the price.
  • The speed isn't remarkable.

5. LaCie Mirror 1 TB

external portable hard drive

LaCie is a French company which is known for its high range of stylish products and this product is no different.


  • Beautifully and aesthetically designed.
  • Good specifications.


  • Mighty expensive.
  • Sloppy performance.
  • The initial formatting and installation software is prone to crashes.


Seagate Seven portable drive

Western Digital My Passport Slim

LaCie Little Big Disk Thunderbolt 2

Transcend Store Jet 25M3

LaCie Mirror 1 TB


500 GB

1 TB

1 TB

2 TB

1 TB













Part 2. How to Recover Files from Portal External Hard Drive on Mac and Windows

In this article, we are going to give you detailed information about how to recover your lost data stored in a portable hard drive as well. Despite being careful, there are various reasons that can attribute to data loss such as virus attack, accidental deletion of files, corrupt system, error in working etc.

portable hard drive data recovery

Owing to any of the reasons, if you have faced data loss and you are looking for ways to recover it, you can fall back on iSkysoft Data Recovery for Mac.

  • You can recover various types of file formats using this tool, like audio files, documents, videos, photos, emails etc.
  • Before you recover the files you can preview them to ensure that you only recover the files which you need.
  • The software is compatible with USB drives, Mac and PC hard drives and plenty of other external storage devices as well.

Data Recovery for Windows

My computer system is crashing and cannot restart normally. I used this program to extract all data on my drive. Now, I have sent the crashed com...

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