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The Best Video Sound Editor You Should Try

The Best Video Sound Editor You Should Try

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Mar 22,2018 • Filed to: Software • Proven solutions

You can edit or add the sound in your videos to create a more dynamic feel and add a little extra emotion. Sound creates the mood, establishes the suspense and adds that little interesting aspect of realism. But, you can find many online video sound editor on the internet, so which one is the best for us to try? No worry! Here we will introduce you to the best video sound editor to edit sound track in video in high quality.

The Best Video Sound Editor to Edit Sound of Video - Filmora Video Editor

add cool effects to your videos

Filmora Video Editor for Mac (or Filmora Video Editor for Windows) is designed to suit all types of users from the novice to casual ones to edit video and audio files. Regardless of proficiency, this video sound software can be used by virtually anyone and the outcome in both audio and visual context is impeccable. It is equipped with amazing features and unmatched simplicity to allow you produce superior quality videos.

Special Features of Filmora Video Editor:

  • Large amount of Filters, Motion Graphics, and Special Effects for you to stylize the video.
  • A built-in music library with more than 50 music tracks. You can also import local sound tracks to the library.
  • Capable to edit and personalize the rotation, crop, fading and diminished capabilities of video clips, music tracks or photos in the video.

Tutorial on How to Edit Video Sound Tracks

Step 1. Launch the video sound editor

Launch the editor and choose a ratio (between 16:9 or 4:3) prior to entering its main window.

import video to the program

Step 2. Import the video with sound

Click "Import“ right after in order to add your video files. Alternatively, you can drag-and-drop the video files directly to the program.

edit video on windows 10

Step 3. Edit your sound track

Next step is dragging and dropping your video files in the timeline of the tool. Soon after, you can kick-start the audio track editing.

  • Separate the audio from the video: To complete this, simply direct the cursor towards the video and subsequently highlight it. Afterward, right click and select 'Audio Detach'. It will instantly emerge in the timeline. Because it is now detached from the video, you can replace or even delete it.
  • Adjust audio settings: Simply double-click the video as on the tool timeline and an editing panel instantly pops up. Switch to the Audio column. Here you can easily alter the Volume, Speed, and Pitch of the file (audio) or Add Fade in/out effects.
  • Add soundtrack effects to video: You may also apply an effect or simply modify the whole or part of the file. Filmora provides numerous audio effects. Simply go to 'Sound Tab' and choose from the diverse list of effects available. Afterward, drag your preferred effect to the subsequent soundtrack. Drag the icon (effect) either to the left or right to choose a segment where you need to add that audio effect. Then, click 'Play' and ensure the respective changes are right.
  • Record and incorporate a voiceover: Using the inbuilt computer microphone or an external one, you can record a simple voiceover and incorporate it anywhere in the audio timeline. It is simple. Put the Playhead where you need your recording to begin and click on 'Record Icon' to start recording. Hit 'Stop' button after completion. Once this clip is in the file timeline, you can use trim maker feature to eradicate any noise or pauses.
edit sound in video

Step 4. Exporting the video

Once you are done with editing, click 'Create' to save your changes. You can save it in diverse formats or simply upload it directly to various platforms or burn it on a disc.

export the video

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