10 Best Game Recorder Software for Windows&Mac in 2020 [Free or Paid]

10 Best Game Recorder Software for Windows&Mac in 2020 [Free or Paid]

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Although we have plenty of development in a gaming console, scores of gamers still use PC for their gaming. By recording these games and sharing on respective platforms, gamers are able to interact with a broad audience.

What then is a good game screen recorder?

We can’t really exhaust what we demand from a good game recorder and editor. However, there are standard features that any so-called game recorder software should have. These include quick control response, quality capture and recording, ease of use, and support of common video formats among others.

Here, we dig into the top 10 game recorder software for windows or Mac systems.

#1. Filmora Video Editor (Windows & macOS)

filmora game recorder

Filmora Video Editor is a top-notch game recorder platform with immense usage across the globe. Besides, it is an excellent video editing tool housing plenty of great features. It has an inbuilt screen recorder capable of recording games and web videos among others. Its one-click recording feature makes the process quicker.


  • • Easy-to-use for high-quality game recording.
  • • Easily edit the clips after recording and fast export.
  • • Hundreds of video effects and music tracks for using.
  • • Supports 4K resolution.


  • • Only available for Windows and Mac.

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#2. OBS Studio (Windows & macOS)

open source game recording software

OBS Studio is a free open source video recording and live streaming software. Download the program and set up to begin recording and streaming videos on Windows, Mac, and Linux.


  • • Top-performance real-time video /audio capture and mixing.
  • • Supports unlimited scene setup.
  • • Powerful configuration options.
  • • Supports VST plugin.


  • • There should be more control of queuing.

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#3. Nividia Shadow Play (Windows & macOS)

nividia shadow play

Nividia Shadow play is an amazing gaming app that records and captures great gaming moments. It provides an avenue to record quality gaming and share it with friends with ease.


  • • Provide instant recording and replay.
  • • Automatically captures key moments such as match-winning plays.
  • • Support game broadcast on social sites.
  • • Captures GIFs and quality 4K screenshots.
  • • Allows the sharing of live recordings.


  • • It only works with Nvidia graphic cards.

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#4. Xsplit Gamecaster (Windows)

game recording program

XSplit is a powerful free and easy gaming recording and streaming platform. With this program, you really don’t have to stress up over any relevant settings. This is because Gamecaster simply handles all these settings for the best recording quality and performance. Get 24/7 community support and be part of the ever-expanding chat and creator community.


  • • Seamless one-button recording.
  • • It has hundreds of magnificent themes.
  • • Has a powerful theme editor.
  • • Everything is saved in the cloud.


  • • There are some customization features that are unavailable.

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#5. Action! (Windows)

game streaming and recorder

Action is an excellent streaming and recorder software. It allows users to record HD videos of their windows desktop with ease. There are lots of recordings you can perform, ranging from gameplay, music, screenshots, webcams, microphone, and web player videos among others. Besides, it is highly known for its friendly and stylish user interface.


  • • It has a time-shift function to save spectacular video games.
  • • Has an automatic webcam background removal.
  • • Allows for continuous windows desktop screen and gameplay
  • • Allows live web video smooth screen recording.


  • • Sometimes some keys may require to double-click to respond.

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#6. Bandicam (Windows)

record gameplay

Bandicam is among the top-rated popular windows screen recorder software. The light-weight recorder is capable of capturing anything on your screen with ease and guaranteed efficiency. In fact, you can perform screen recording on specific screen areas while keeping the recording quality the same.


  • • It allows users to record screen and save as AVI or MP4.
  • • Supports 2D/3D game recording in 4K UHD video up to 144FPS.
  • • It offers real-time drawing.
  • • Allows scheduled recording.
  • • It allows the use of Chroma key real-time video.
  • • It provides high-quality recording even at high compression.


  • • The high compression rate isn’t that good for quality output.

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#7. FlashBack Express (Windows)

screen recorder

FlashBack Express is no doubt one of the big names in the game recorder industry. It is a seamless screen recorder platform with powerful editing capabilities. This free gaming screen recorder offers high performance and can be an exciting platform for your game recordings.


  • • Allows screen, webcam, and sound recordings.
  • • Offers footage trim and clips creation.
  • • Offers arrows, captions, and image features to enhance recordings.
  • • Customize videos with stickers, GIFs, and sounds.
  • • There is no limit on game length.


  • • The varying quality of videos in different file formats can be annoying.

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#8. Windows Game DVR

windows game dvr

Windows Game DVR is a popular game clip recorder that helps you capture great moments in Xbox Live and other gaming services. You can record and simultaneously share on social platforms with ease. Besides, you have access to editing features to enable you to enhance the visual appearance of videos.


  • • Provide editing features.
  • • Allows the sharing of recorded videos on the social platform.
  • • Offers settings tab to adjust.


  • • The interface is flaky.

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#9. QuickTime Player (macOS)

record game video on pc

QuickTime Player is another platform you can use to record gaming videos on your mac pc. It allows you to take the whole screen recording or some portions based on your preference.


  • • Fullscreen and partial screen support.
  • • Automatically opens the recording once you finish recording.
  • • After recording, you can edit and share game recordings with ease.


  • • The entire process is somewhat lengthy.

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#10. Mac's in-built screen recorder (macOS Mojave)

record game video on mac

MacOS Mojave is a good in-built video game in recorder in Mac. By pressing the combination buttons on your keyboard, you can display the recording screen with lots of menus.


  • • Capture still images of the screen.
  • • Allows full-screen recording or partial screen recording.
  • • Clearly displayed recording menu makes it easy to use.


  • • It offers basic recording features.

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It is clear above that there are a couple of up to par video game recording software. However, you don’t just dive into any game recorder software for pc and think you are sorted for good. It is crucial that you take time and thoroughly analyze whether the software suits your needs. 

Now if you have no ideal, I suggest you to take a free trial on the Filmora Video Editor to record your games for sharing.

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