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Top Free Online MP3 Joiners to Merge MP3 Files

Top Free Online MP3 Joiners to Merge MP3 Files

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I need to merge MP3 files, who can help?

MP3 file format is definitely one of the most popular file format which can play in several multimedia devices. In many cases, based on different reasons, users would like to edit these files in an easy and effective manner. Merging of Mp3 files is one of the common editing practices and the respective merging applications are therefore much sought after. Fortunately, there are numerous functional online and desktop applications capable of handling this task perfectly.

Part 1: Best MP3 Joiner - Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor is no doubt the best mp3 joiner tool with simply everything a user would require. This software is enriched with numerous functional capabilities capable of turning the user experience quite exceptional. Its supports basic editing of audios since it is built with audio controls such as split, trim, cut, pitch, equalizer, volume, fade in and fade out. Other key features of this software are highlighted below.

merge mp3 free
  • With this software you can attach audios to videos and detach audios from videos.
  • Built with several effects such as: Text and Styles, Overlays and Filters, Music Library, and Transitions and Elements.
  • Built with a video editing options such as: split, rotate, crop, trim, aspect ratio, and volume among others.
  • This editing software is integrated with advanced editing options such as: video stabilizer, picture in picture, play in reverse, GIF support among others.
  • Comes with Action Cam editing options which include: instant cutter, colour tuning effect, speed effect, fix, and correction.

How to Merge MP3 Files with Filmora Video Editor

Step 1. Import MP3 files

Launch the program on your computer to open the main interface. Navigate to and click the “Import Media Files Here” button within the primary window. Upload the mp3 files you would like to merge from your computer to the “User’s Album”.

filmora merge mp3

Step 2. Merge your MP3 Files

When you have successfully uploaded the files to be merged, just drag them now from the “User’s Album” to the Timeline located at the bottom. Ensure that you drag them one by one and also don’t put one file over the other because you would risk splitting them. The dragged files would be arranged depending on the play order. By dragging them to the position of your choice on the Timeline, you would be able to arrange them in your order.

join mp3 files filmora

Step 3. Export the Merged MP3 File

After dragging all your files successfully, just hit the “Export” button to export your newly merged file. Click on “Format” and then name the file the way you want, set the output folder and finally click on “Export” to save it on your computer.

join mp3 filmora

Part 2: Merge MP3 Online Free

#1. Filesmerge

merge mp3 online

Filesmerge is an excellent online tool capable of merging multiple mp3 files into a single file with speed and ease. Users can add files to be merged from the local save location in the computer or from a site by entering the respective url code. If you want to merge more than three mp3 files, then this is a good program for you.

• This program is fast and easy to use.
• Users can upload mp3 files from the local save location as well as from online sites.
• The program has a simple interface.

• The uploaded file gets automatically deleted after two hours.

How to Merge MP3 Files using Filesmerge:

Step 1. Navigate to the online tool using your browser.

Step 2. On the primary interface, click “select a local file” to add a file from your computer. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the respective files to the box provided. If your file is located on a certain site, just copy the mp3 url and paste it on the url box in the program and click “Add files”. Wait until the upload process is complete.

Step 3. Click on “Merge” button to start merging your files.

#2. Aconvert

merge mp3 files online

Aconvert is another functional and great online mp3 merger tool. The program supports merging of audio with same bit rate and format and can upload up to 200MB.

• The program is simple and straightforward.
• The merging process is fast.
• The program supports several audio formats.

• This program would only merge files of same format and bit rate.

How to Merge MP3 Files with Aconvert:

Step 1. Go to Aconvert online program and check on Merge option.

Step 2. Click on either “File” or “URL” option depending on the location of your file and hit “Choose File” button.

Step 3. Once the file is uploaded, click “Submit” button and obtain the file from the Output section.

#3. Audio joiner

online audio joiner merge mp3

Audio joiner is a powerful online audio merger tool that is fast, easy and reliable. You can combine several audio tracks without having to install anything on your computer.

• The program is fast.
• The program supports several audio formats.

• It requires a fast internet connection.

How to Merge MP3 using Audio joiner:

Step 1. Navigate to the online audio joiner primary interface.

Step 2. Click on “Add Track” and select the mp3 files you would like to merge in your computer then click “Open” on the files explorer.

Step 3. Click “Join” when the tracks have been added successfully. Hit the “Download” button to download the merged mp3 files.

#4. Bear file converter

online merge mp3

Bear file converter is an amazing online tool that can merge your mp3 files, ringtone, songs, and several music files into a large one with some few clicks.

• This program is easy to use.
• This program supports several audio files.

• This program supports several audio files.

How to Merge MP3 Files with Bear file converter:

Step 1. Click “Upload” or enter the url code for the mp3 file and click “Add File”. There is also an option to drag and drop the files on the program.

Step 2. Hit the "Merge" button and then “Download” button once the merge is successful.

#5. Inettools

merge mp3 online free

Inettools is a common yet functional online program that lets you perform an array of audio as well as video editing, and merging is definitely one of them. Yu can easily combine your favorite mp3 files with ease and within a very short time.

• Offers a fast merging speed.
• Supports several audio formats.
• This is a simple and easy to use tool.

• The “Download” icon is not easily noticeable.

How to Merge MP3 Files using Inettools:

Step 1. Open the program and click on the “Select files” icon. Choose the files to merge and click “Open” on the files explorer to upload them. You can also drag and drop them to the program.

Step 2. Once the upload process is successful, click the “Make” button at the bottom and monitor the progress.

Step 3. Click on the download arrow to download the merged files into your computer.

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