Top 10 MP3 Editor Apps for Android & iOS

In this article, you shall receive a detailed guide on the 10 best MP3 editor apps for Android and iOS devices.
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I want to edit mp3 files on Android phone, who can help?

With the ever-growing software industry, there is virtually no solution to any media file related issues. There are many tools available that can perfectly edit your mp3 files on Android devices. These programs are available in Google Store. Just go through them and select the one that best suits your needs.

Part 1: Best 5 MP3 Editor for iOS

#1. FilmoraGo

If you are editing an MP3 for video, or want to edit MP3 and video at the same time on your iPhone, then FilmoraGo will be your best choice. This is a top-ranked audio and video editor tool that makes the whole editing process easy and full of fun. You can cut, copy, and paste, record as well as addition of some audio effects.

• Supports multiple audio tracks and various audio effects to enhance the quality of your music.
• The program is straightforward and easy to use.
• Audio editing and video editing can be performed simultaneously.
Currently only available on iOS.

mp3 ios editor

#2. Hokusai

Hokusai is a near-perfect multi-track audio editor for Ios devices and provide a clean and clear view of your tracks for easy editing. You can cut, merge, paste, copy, delete, and add various effects to your audio file.

• The program has numerous useful tools that makes editing easier and effective.
• It has a good interface which enable clean view of tracks.
• In-app purchases are required to access more features.

mp3 editor android app

#3. GarageBand

This impressive music editor allows users to record, create music, add effects, and mix your audio with ease.

• Has a simple and straightforward interface.
• The program has a complete recording studio.
• This program is free.
• Limited edit features.

mp3 editing app

#4. TwistedWave Audio Editor

This is a good music editor tool ideal for both beginners and professionals. It enables users apply effects on their audio including fade in and out, pitch adjustment, compressor, and limiter among others.

• Users can import files from Dropbox.
• Supports a good range of file formats.
• The program provides various editing options.
• The program is relatively expensive.

mp3 editor for ios

#5. Medly

Medly is a good designed easy to use audio editor program that enables users to edit both recorded and music files. There are several features and effects which can help customize your music for better quality and appearance.

• Has a massive library feature more than 700 vocal and audio samples.
• There are several filters and effects that can enhance your audio file.
• The program has an intuitive user interface.
• In-app purchases are required for access of more features.

mp3 editor for iphone

Part 2: Best 5 MP3 Editor for Android

#1. MP3Cutter

MP3 Cutter is an excellent MP3 editor application which is compatible with all your devices. The neat little app provides a fast cutting process without compromising the quality of your MP3 file. There is an integrated MP3 player which would help you play the file before editing. If you need the best tool to conveniently edit your music files, then MP3 Cutter should be your definite choice.

• The editing speed is quite fast.
• The program does not alter the quality of your file.
• The program is simple and straightforward.
• Users can set the edited file as a ringtone.
• The ads are just annoying.

mp3 editor app

#2. Audio MP3 Cutter Mix Converter and Ringtone Maker

Audio MP3 Cutter Mix Converter and Ringtone Maker is a cross-platform powerful editor tool you would ever imagine of. This complete audio editor has all you would require from a perfect editor tool including Trim Audio, Merge audio files, Mix Audio Clips, Change Metadata fields such as Art Cover, Music Album name, and Convert between different formats like MP3, AAC, and WAV among others.

• Supports several audio editing options like cut, trim, merge, and change of Metadata fields among others.
• Supports a large number of audio formats like MP3, AAC, WAV, and M4A among others.
• This application has an intuitive interface and modern user interface that eases user navigation.
• The program has a super-fast processing and rendering speed.
• Ads are an annoying sight.

how to edit mp3 files on android

#3. Voice PRO - HQ Audio Editor

This is no doubt one of the most popular android audio cutter equipped with numerous amazing capabilities. You can record, mix, merge, add real-time background music, remove vocals, encrypt your audio, and record your calls among others. This program is capable of recording voice or music in 100 different media file formats with up to 320kbps and 4000 HZ bitrate and sample rate respectively.

• This program supports a large range of file formats of up to 100 different formats.
• With this program, you can convert your recorded voice to text in about 40 different languages.
• This application allows encryption of your MP3 file and hence unauthorized access is not granted.
• The program’s interface is user-friendly.
• You can only unlock some features with the in-app purchase.

best android mp3 editor

#4. Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

This is another popular yet functional audio editor tool featuring both basic and advanced features necessary to make your audio editing experience awesome. The program supports several editing features like move, cut, multitrack audio recording, MIDI sequencing, and creation of separate audio files from different tracks, remove tracks, and support for real-time background effects among others.

• The program has got several basic and useful advanced editing features.
• This app has got a total no-brainer and intuitive user interface.
• The program has a fast processing and rendering speed.
• This program supports a wide range of file formats.
• The program is not free and requires in-app purchases to access some useful advanced features.

best mp3 editor for android

#5. FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile is a unique audio editor tool that lets you create from scratch and edit your own music via high quality synthesizers, sampler, drum kits as well as sliced loop beats. You can also adjust your recordings or music with the help of effects like Chorus, limiter, filters, reverb, and delay among others.

• Supports a wide range of editing options including both basic and advanced features.
• Ensures the quality of your file is not altered in the edit process.
• Has a good user interface and navigation problems are hardly experienced.
• The program is not cheap and yet additionally you require in-app purchases to access other features.

best mp3 editor android

Part 3: Best MP3 Editor - Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor is smashing top-notch audio editor tool with a wide range of amazing features and capabilities perfectly integrated to provide a stand-out user experience. The editing process is simple, fast and reliable. Just try this tool and experience the great services it offers.

mp3 editor application
  • The program supports many editing options such as copy, cut, paste, split, and merge among others.
  • Compatible with a range of devices including iPhone, iPod Touch, Samsung, PSP, HTC, and Amazon among others.
  • With this program, users can import, edit, and export videos of any format at quality resolutions of up to 4k.
  • This app lets you transform your file using over 300 stylish effects.
  • Support addition of effects meant to enhance the quality and appearance of your file like pitch, amplification, and fade adjustments.

How to Edit MP3 using Filmora Video Editor

Step 1. Import the MP3 Files

Run the program and on the main interface click “Import” to load your MP3 files or drag them to the “User’s Album”. Now, drag these files from the album to the Timeline at the bottom of this window.

mp3 edit app

Step 2. Edit MP3

Choose the respective MP3 clip on the Timeline and click “Edit” button. Choose from the editing panel the type of edit you would like to perform. You can adjust the speed, volume, pitch, and delete the unwanted parts among others.

edit mp3 app

Step 3. Export the New File

When you are done editing, hit “Export” button, select your preferred format and save your file.

edit mp3 for iphone
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