Top 5 Apps to Change Video Aspect Ratio

Find a good video aspect ratio changer App to change video aspect ratio on your phone easily.
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It is no secret that iPhones have the ideal cameras for capturing unbelievable 4K video clips at a fast 60fps speed and automatically stills the recording to tone down the worst of shakes experienced while at it.

However, how can one change the video aspect ratio on the Phone for sharing on IGTV, Twitter, or YouTube?

Most of us have the habit of taking photos when in a happy time, however, it would be a tough work to store, organize, and share the huge amount of photos. Then we come up with an idea, why not make a slideshow with music? Videos are easier to organize and share, right?

To get the appropriate video aspect ratio among other editing tasks done like joining multiple clips, adding titles and effects, cropping, and trimming a clip, you will need a good video aspect ratio changer App. Find out which ones below.

Top 5 Best App to Change Video Aspect Ratio

There are plenty of video aspect ratio changer applications swarming the App Store, from simple ones designed for quick fixes when sharing on social media to complex ones for tech-savvy users. There are free apps, cheap and costly ones.

To get an app to help you change the video aspect ratio and perform other editing tasks, we give you a breakdown of the best five software to choose from for the iPhone or Android.

1. FilmoraGo

video aspect ratio changer app

It's a very simple but powerful video editTo get an app to help you change the video aspect ratio and perform other editing tasks, we give you a breakdown of the best five software to choose from for the app for your iPhone. FilmoraGo will help you make a video with pictures and add music to it without stress. Moreover, with this app you can also create slow/fast motions, add transitions and change background color, etc for your photo video with music.

Also, it has visual effects and overlays, ideal for creating eye-catching IGTV clips, not to mention its Text and Titles features for adding marketing messages into the material you post on your social media accounts.


- It accommodates 4K video with amazing clarity.

- It has attractive and useful video editing features.

- It is not only available for use on iOS but also for Android devices.

- It works perfectly fine even when offline.


- Its videos have watermarks incorporated at the end of editing.

Price: Free (with in-app purchases).

2. iMovie

app to change video aspect ratio

Second, on the list of the best applications to change the video aspect ratio in the iPhone is iMovie. This program is convenient, especially for beginners and casual users. It is mighty enough to ensure excellent output yet very straightforward to use and is available for use for free. Although it can be a little tedious when used on the iPhone, it is swift and smooth on an iPad since it has a more significant interface. With an iPad, you can easily connect it to a portable keyboard and utilize keyboard shortcuts for easier editing.

iMovie can be used seamlessly with other Apple’s apps and features such as Photos, iCloud Drive, Mail, and Messages. You can also stream content through AirPlay to an Apple television. For 4K videos, they are only accommodated on iPhones 6 and iPad Air 2 later versions of both gadgets.


- The application supports the sharing of files via AirDrop.

- It works without any glitches with Final Cut Pro.

- It comes with themes and video filters.

- It is a multi-track editor.


- It is only accessible to IOS users.

- It is not ideal for use by professional movie-makers.

- It requires a bigger screen for enjoyable user experience.

Price: Free – it does not cost a dime.

3. LumaFusion

change video aspect ratio iphone

It is a popular iPhone video editor for experienced mobile videographers. It is a better alternative to iMovie if you are looking for a serious and professional effect on your video clips. Do not be mistaken though, LumaFusion guarantees a sophisticated and professional touch to videos but maintains the simplicity you would desire on your iPhone.

Besides being suitable for changing the video aspect ratio on the iPhone, it also comes with three audio/video tracks and other three audio tracks for narration and audio effects. Moreover, it has built-in effects and effects and has a Chroma key functionality green and blue screen effects.

LumaFusion accommodates local and cloud storage along with supporting WD Wireless Pro drives. You can also get a subscription to the optional Storyblocks services and get granted access to a myriad of royalty-free images, videos, and sounds.


- The application comes with advanced cool effects like Chroma keying.

- It has royalty-free media files.

- LumaFusion supports 360 degrees video.

- It allows for direct transfer of edited videos to YouTube.

- It is a multi-track editor and supports 4K videos.


- It is costly.

- It can be pretty arduous, especially to beginner users.

- It takes up a lot of storage space.

Price: $19.99

4. Adobe Premiere Rush CC

video aspect ratio changer app

Well, number four on our list of video aspect ratio changer applications is Adobe Premiere Rush CC. Yes, there is a mobile version too, and it is incredible! Designed with four video and three audio tracks, Adobe Premiere Rush CC has a very intuitive user-friendly interface. In case you have had an encounter with Adobe’s iOS image apps, then you have the upper hand in using this app.

The sound tools in this software are specifically for effective balance, reduce sound and duck audio to enhance narration clarity. It facilitates direct exporting of media to popular social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Plus, you can pick up from where you left in your editing errand on the desktop in Premiere Pro CC, which is Adobe’s robust video application.


- It has an in-app video recording feature.

- It provides its users with automatic cloud syncing.

- It has many features, including filters, video effects, and support for 4K videos.

- Like all the above, it is a multi-track editor.


- It doesn’t support direct export to YouTube.

- The free version requires in-app purchases.

- Unless you buy, it has limited features.

Price: $9.99 per month license for iPhone, iPad, and desktop with 100GB cloud storage

5. Filmmaker Pro

video aspect ratio changer app

Last but not least, Filmmaker Pro is the final choice in our list of the best five video aspect ratio changer software on iPhone. This app is a notch higher in its functionality compared to iMovie. It comprises of incredible color options, filters, and a green screen function. Furthermore, it allows for video grading and choosing from about 200 different fonts for text overlays in clips.

You can also use this app to shoot a video in the paid-for version, though. Similar to the video editors discussed in this article, it also supports 4K videos on most iPhones from iPhone SE and iPads. You will require to plan for in-app purchases to access the full features set and be able to rid watermarks on videos.


- It has advanced video editing tools like Chroma keying.

- It has up to 30 filters and 17 transitions.

- It has an audiometer assisted voiceovers feature.

- It has a free version with in-app purchases.


- It does not accommodate direct sharing to YouTube.

- It is not a multi-track video editor.

- The free version puts watermarks on video clips.

Price: Free (with in-app purchases).

Finding the ideal app to change the video aspect ratio on the iPhone can be a pretty demanding task. Thus, in this article we have made it easier for you by discussing the best five video editing tools with unique and handy features to help you create outstanding and professional output. Depending on your needs, feel free to choose from the above list and enjoy your video editing session.

Desktop Solution:

Video aspect ratio changer App allows you to change the video aspect ratio on your Phone with ease. In case you need to further edit your videos, such as adding text, music or other effects, a desktop application like Filmora Video Editor will help you to achieve this.

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video aspect ratio changer app

Filmora Video Editor

  • Provides you professional editing tools to help you create green screen video, PIP video, split screen video.
  • Create videos with animation titles, effects and transitions.
  • Choose you needed screen size to fully compatible with TikTok, such as 9:16(recommended), 4:3, 1:1, 16:9, 21:9, etc.
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