10 Best & Popular Audio Editor App for Editing Audio Files on Phone

If you have been looking for a great audio editor app for iPhone or free audio editing apps for Android, this article will introduce you to the best ten audio editor portable software available in the market.
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Are you looking for an audio editor app to edit your boring lecture recording? Or do you want to remove some unnecessary section of the audio files on your phone?

Actually, with all these and other intentions which involves consciously interfering with the audio parts, you just need an audio editing app for Android or a tool to edit audio on iPhone.

Also, there are more privileges involved with smartphone-based audio editors which include a convenient recording and a perfect editing experience of an audio file anytime or anywhere. Also, away from a tedious like computer editing workarounds, which involves transferring the file to a computer for editing then later sent back to your tablet. And for music fanatics, this is a real deal to curate everything by your thumb. More importantly, for the novice, it is easy to learn how to use audio editor app on the phone.

Therefore, in this post, I will recommend 10 best audio editor portable you can use to edit audio on your iPhone or Android device.

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top audio editor on iphone

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  • ...

Top Audio Editor on iPhone or Android Devices

1. Music Maker JAM

audio editing app

Music Maker JAM is one of the favored and highly sorted app amongst free audio editing apps for Android and iOS. To be precise, Music Maker JAM vindicates amateurs and aspiring musicians from expensive and long hours of studio recording and at last have mediocre results. This is why they shifted to this audio editor portable tool which offers a variety of an amazing mix packs across all music genres like pop, hip hop, and rock.


- Directly share tracks to SoundCloud and social media.

- Remix tracks by shaking the device.


- Loop selector shows only Mix packs you are using.


- Sometimes it prompts regular sign-in.

Download Music Maker JAM for iOS >>

Download Music Maker JAM for Andriod >>

Platform: iOS and Android

Price: Free

2. WavePad

how to edit audio on iphone

WavePad is another perfect and excellent audio editing app for both iOS and Android users. It comes with a lot of must-have inbuilt features. Maneuvers involved to have multiple tracks opened at the same time is pretty easy. Furthermore, one of the most liked features is the ability to customize the home view. The editing tools you will find include trim, insert, cut, copy, paste, add audio effects like amplify, echo and noise reduction.

Features :

- The ability for auto-trim and voice recording.

- Works well with a variety of file formats.

- Supports editing of multiple audio file formats.


- Has a simple and clutter-free user interface.


- The free version contains ads.

Download WavePad for iOS>>

Download WavePad for Android>>

Platform: iOS and Android

Price: $14.99

3. MP3 Cutter

how to use audio editor app

Apart from the apps above, MP3 Cutter has made itself a name and be a revered audio editor for Android and iPhone used to create ringtones. These ringtones are obtained from cutting part of the music. Also, MP3 Cutter has amazing audio editor tools to edit your music at the comfort of your smartphone seamlessly. The music is automatically saved after editing. It’s worth noting that this free audio editing app has no limit for the number of ringtones you create.


- Has quite a fast editing speed

- Offers lossless audio editing.


- Let’s one set edited file as a ringtone .


- Contain ads.

Download MP3 Cutter for iOS >>

Download MP3 Cutter for Android >>

Platform: iOS and Android

Price: Free

4. edjing Mix

free audio editing app for android

No discussion will conclude music production lovers before mentioning this software used to edit audio on the iPhone with no exemption of android users. edjing Mix is dabbed as a perfect DJ app and assures you to remix your songs and create music on your Android or iOS in a straightforward manner. After which you can save and freely share them with your buddies and family via social media platforms. This is one of the best music making apps which you can use to train oneself and become a good music maker and a good artist. enjing allows you to save BPM of your local tracks with its library analysis feature.

Feature :

- Automatic BPM detection for all songs.

- Continuous sync between two tracks.


- Integrated with SoundCloud.


- Lacks “save to recording” button.

Download edjing Mix for iOS >>

Download edjing Mix for Android >>

Platform: iOS and Android

Price: Free

5. Lexis Audio Editor

best audio editing app on android

Lexis Audio Editor offers you with the platform to come up with a new audio record and quickly edit your recordings and other audio files with its reliable auditor tools. After editing, this program allows you to save the edited file into a format you prefer from the wide range of formats it supports like WAV, M4A and others. Moreover, you can employ copy, paste, cut, insert among other tools on your recording to manipulate it appropriately.


- Has a reverb effect.

- BT audio output.


- Simple and easy editor.


- No multitrack.

Download Lexis Audio Editor for iOS >>

Download Lexis Audio Editor for Android >>

Platform: Android & iOS

Price: Free

6. Walk Band

sound recorder and editor app on phone

Walk Band is an audio editor portable app for Android users which is akin to GarageBand app for iOS users which is discussed below. It is comprised of a vast number of fantastic tools which include guitar, bass, piano, drum kit, and others. Walk Band lets you use any of them to come up with a realistic instrument sounds.


- Has a multitrack synthesizer feature.

- EDM drum plugin.


- Good studio quality sound.


- Suffer latency while playing instruments.

Download Walk Band >>

Platform: Android

Price: Free

7. Voice PRO

edit music files app

Voce PRO is undoubtedly one of the commonly used apps amongst audio editing apps for android. It allows you to either your voice or music in 50+ formats with up to 320kb per second. Also, you can convert the audio file in up to 16 bytes and feasibly register them in either Mono or stereo formats. Other tools in this utility include the ability to extract vocals, file conversion, ability to add real-time background music to your recording, to name but a few. 


- Supports voice conversion to text.

- Supports backup and restore of file recordings from cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox among, etc.


- Its interface is user-friendly.

- Offers a refund policy if you don’t like the app within 2 hours of purchase.


- A free version is not available.

Download Voice PRO >>

Platform: Android

Price: $ 11.99

8. Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

app to record and edit sound recording

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio has an intuitive interface which was designed explicitly for purely audio editing which bears a resemblance to a good audio editing software. In contrast to the immediately above audio editor for Android and the rest of the applications in this list, Audio Evolution Mobile Studio contains best unmatchable features which make it realistic to perform advanced audio editing. With the said tools you can conduct primary actions like cut, trim, and remove tracks, do multitrack audio recording, MIDI sequencing, latency correction, and more others.


- Supports imports and export of files in different formats.

- Supports real-time background effects and virtual instruments.


- Has a fast processing and rendering speed.


- In-app purchase is required to get major tools.

Download Audio Evolution Mobile Studio >>

Platform: Android

Price: $7.9

9. Hokusai Audio Editor

voice editing apps for Android

If you are looking for the basic audio editing software to edit audio on iPhone, Hokusai Audio Editor is the best choice for you. When you record audio using your iPhone, there are quite a lot of unwanted background sounds and unwanted pause in between the recorded audio file. Once you upload this file into Hokusai Audio Editor, it forms a waveform bar which indicates the highs and lows of the file where you can snip out parts of audio in a breeze solving unwanted pause. With its inbuilt tools, you can easily remove unwanted background sound. Nevertheless, you can create your sound with its synthesizer tool.


- Has a feature to merge files.

- Ability to add effects such as adding silence, white noise.


- Has a good interface which permits a clear view of tracks.


- In-app purchase is a must to access more features.

Download Hokusai Audio Editor >>

Platform: iOS

Price: Free

10. GarageBand

audio clip editor app

Contrary to Hokusai Audio Editor, GarageBand is a real deal to those who want something more than just to edit audio on iPhone. It happens to be more than just being a digital musical instrument for budding artists and garage musicians; it plays the role of being a digital instructor which allows you to learn a new instrument from scratch. Moreover, it lets you create a music file by aggregating multiple instruments and audio. GarageBand has dubstep, RnB, hip hop, and more live loops. Instruments like drums, Keyboard, guitar, etc.


- The program has a simple and straightforward interface.


- Has a complete recording studio.


- Limited edit features.

Download GarageBand >>

Platform: iOS

Price: Free

Write in the End

The following is a comparison table for the above ten audio editor tools:

  Filmora Video Editor Music Maker JAM WavePad MP3 Cutter edjing Mix Lexis Audio Editor Walk Band Voice PRO Audio Evolution Mobile Studio Hokusai Audio Editor GarageBand
Simple user interface Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Professional Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes Yes Yes No No
Merge files Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Add effects Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes Yes Yes No No
Variety file format Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Real-time background effect Yes No No No No No No Yes Yes No No
Virtual instruments Yes No No No Yes No Yes Yes No No Yes
Voice to text Yes No No No No No No Yes No No No
Multitrack Synthesizer Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No
BPM detection Yes Yes No No Yes No No Yes Yes No No
Trial version Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes

Plainly, these audio editing apps can help you edit audio files in your phone in a handy way. But as you can see, their functions are usually limited. Some of them can't add effects to your audio, some of them only have a single track, etc.

So, do you want to handle your phone audio more professionally and perfectly? Or do you want to edit your audio and video files at the same time?

Then Filmora Video Editor and Filmora Video Editor for Mac could be a better choice for you. Not only does it edit audio as quickly and easily as audio editor apps, but it also has more comprehensive audio and video editing functions.

If you're interested in this program easy-to-use, try it now.

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