One of the common problems that we usually face while uploading a video on social media or storing it in a device is the size of the video. The size of the video is large enough to be fitted in the DVDs or other storage devices. Thank you for the technology that you can now have the option to split large videos using video splitter software. Top 10 free video splitter software is available here no fee at all.

The Best Video Splitter - Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor could be an awesome video splitter software. You can use it to split videos by dragging. It's pretty easy to use. If you have any difficult to use it, you can search in YouTube for the video tutorials. There are so many video tutorials available at YouTube for it. Besides, there are some advanced video editing features you can make use of to creating fantastic videos.

Key Features of Filmora Video Editor:

  • Provides all the basic video editing tools for video splitting, rotating, cropping and trimming;
  • Every feature can be found easily in the main windows;
  • The Split Screen can displays different scenes of a video and plays more than 2 videos in one screen at the same time;
  • This video splitter software is very easy to use yet with full features, is suitable for both beginners and experts;

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Top 9 Free Video Splitter Software for Mac and Windows

#1. Bandicut

video splitter

Bandicut is a video splitter software which is quite easy to use even if you are not a tech expert. You can cut a video and split it into as many parts as you want. The software not only cuts the video into parts but can help you to merge the various parts of the video. The best part of the software is it does not affect the quality of the video. All you need to do is click on the open file and select the video you want to split. When the video opens up, select the area you want to split and click on start button. The video will be split into the part you want.


  • The video quality remains same.
  • It takes lesser time than other software.


  • The free version of Bandit will show Bandit watermark in the beginning of the video as seen in the image.
  • Bandicut is exclusive Windows software and cannot work on mac.

Download link for Bandicut >>

#2. Free Video Cutter

video splitter online

Free video cutter is one free movie splitter tool to cut a part of the video you want to send to someone in small size. It is easy to use and can be run on Windows XP. Nearly 2M people downloaded it. This shows that the software is quite popular among all the video software.


  • The software can be used by anyone with lesser knowledge of video editing.
  • Video sounds here can be converted into MP3.
  • It can support multiple video formats.


  • There are not many options available for sounds and other effects.
  • It cannot work on Mac OS.

Download link for Free Video Cutter >>

#3. Video Edit Master

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Video edit master is one of the top free video clipping software with more than 1000 downloads. It works for Windows operating system. This video clipping tool ranks third among all the 87 video clippers. This program helps you in cutting and merging video clips with same encoding and resolution.


  • The quality of the video is not changed after editing.
  • It is very user-friendly software.


  • The software supports video files with AVI and MPEG formats only.
  • Video frames are captured in the form of images.

Download link for Video Edit Master >>

#4. Free Video Cutter Joiner

video clipping software

Free video cutter joiner is a best video splitter to efficiently choose the video and make it trim into as many parts as you want. You can trim the video regardless of their size and edit it as per your requirements. You can also remove the part of the video you don’t want. This movie splitter can support various video formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV and much more. It does not lose the quality of the video.


  • Easy to use the editor as it provides complete instructions for each step.
  • You can have the options to set your own frame size, video size, audio and video quality.


  • The splitter may have issues while using the slower Indirect Cut option in the software for some of the formats.
  • You can download the free video cutter joiner by clicking on the link given below.

Download link for Free Video Cutter Joiner >>

#5. Cute Video Cutter

free video clipper

Cute video cutter is another free video splitter that is used by many people to trim their large sized videos. It can also be used to convert the format of the video as MOV, MP4, WAV, PSP, MP3, 3GP, FLV, MKV and other video and audio formats.


  • This tool is used to convert a video of low-quality to high-definition video.
  • It works with various file formats including iPod, Zune, Apple TV, BlackBerry and other file formats that are not compatible with other video software.

Download link for Cute Video Cutter >>

#6. iTech Video Cutter

video splitter freeware

iTech video cutter is another video splitter freeware program in the basket for free video splitting. This program is a great source of video cutting with less space required at the same time gives you the best features of video editing. It can support almost all the formats that are popularly known for videos and audios.


  • iTech is easy to work with and you can complete your video trimming tasks quickly.
  • It supports all file formats.
  • Unlike other programs, you can watch full-screen video while using the program.


  • The process of setting up markers as well as loading is quite instinctive.

Download link for iTech Video Cutter >>

#7. Windows Movie Maker

video splitter free download

Windows movie maker is one of the oldest free video splitter programs for video editing as well as video splitting. The program is easy to handle by anyone not much expertise in video editing. One can easily cut a large video file into parts in windows movie maker also.


  • The user-friendly interface that can make it learn and understand easily.
  • The process of video trimming is quick in this program and does not take too much time.


  • It does not have as many features as in professional programs for video editing but still many people use it for their personal use.

Download link for Windows Movie Maker >>

#8. iMovie

best free video splitter

iMovie is video editing software for Mac Operating System. It is among the finest programs for video splitting with great features and effects. You can split movie for free on your Mac with simple steps.


  • This tool is used to convert a video of low-quality to high-definition video.


  • It only supports macOS and iOS. Don't have Windows version.

Download link for iMovie >>

#9. Lightworks

free video splitter software

If you are looking for the best free video splitter for Mac to split video for free, light works are your friend forever. You can find latest features with a vast variety of effects here. Its flexible layouts and color effects distinguish it from other video editing program.


  • It has the feature of touch bar along with a variety of colour workflows.

Download link for Lightworks >>

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