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Top 10 Video Rotate Free Software for Mac and Windows

Top 10 Video Rotate Free Software for Mac and Windows

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By Elva | Jun 29,2018 16:00 pm

Looking for some free video rotate software for your Mac or Windows in order to rotate a video? Here we would like to introduce you the best 10 free video rotator that can help you easily flip and rotate video on Mac (macOS 10.13 High Sierra) or Windows.

Top 10 Video Rotate Free Software to Flip and Rotate Video on Mac and Windows PC

#1. Filmora Video Editor (for Mac and Windows)

You have recorded a video or received a video that is not in an angle that you want and you need to rotate it. What do you do? It is simple, just download Filmora Video Editor for Windows (or Filmora Video Editor for Mac) software and use it to rotate your videos. With Filmora Video Editor you will not only be able to rotate videos but also zoom in, zoom out as well as crop the video. Moreover, you will be able to preview the changes that you have made in real time. This software is a fully feature media editor and here are some of its key features.

rotate video software
  • Comes with free music inbuilt music library that allows you to add music to your projects.
  • Built with numerous overlays, transitions, effects, filter, elements and motions that you can use to beautify your video.
  • Allows you to share your edited projects online, burn them to DVD formats, save to a device or save them to your computer.
  • It has advanced editing options like; green screen, split screen, play in reverse, mosaic, GIF editor, 3D LUT and advanced colour auto tuning.
  • Filmora Video editor is an audio editor that enables you adjust volume, trim audio, spit audio, cut audio, fade in and fade out.
  • It has a recorder that can record your voice over microphone, webcam and PC activities.

How to Rotate Videos Using Filmora Video Editor

Step 1. Import Video

Begin by opening Filmora Video Editor software on your computer. Next, you will see “Import” button. Click on it to get “Import Media Files” which allows you to select media files from your local folder. Choose the video that you want and click on “Open” to upload it.

video rotate software

Step 2. Rotate Video

Now that you have uploaded the video, drag to the timeline to begin editing it. Once it is on the timeline right click on the video and then click on “Edit” button. On the window that appears, the first control that appears is “Rotate”. Click on the icon and rotate the video to an angle that you want. As you rotate, you can preview it on the screen at the top right.

video rotate free

Step 3. Export the Rotated Video

After rotating the video, you can the click on “OK” and then click on “Export” button. Choose the output format that you want to save the video. You can also opt to burn it to a DVD or share it online. Once you are done click on “Export” and you will save the video on the desired location.

video rotator software

#2. iMovie (for Mac)

video rotation software

iMovie is a free video rotate software for Mac OS X, and it's a great introduction to the world of video editing. If you have a few minutes to find the rotate feature, and you don't want to buy another app just for that, iMovie is a great choice to get your video rotated the way you need it.

Price: FREE

Pros: It's free, and preinstalled on every Mac.

Cons: It's A video editor, not a video rotator, so it may take time to figure it out.

#3. Flip4Mac (for Mac)

free video rotate software

Flip4Mac includes a new "Dim Lights" feature which darkens everything around it so that you focus on just the video. It's one of the great choic for you to flip and rotate video on Mac. Playback controls are now enhanced with slow motion choices that you can choose from and most functions can now be performed using keyboard shortcuts.

Price: FREE Version with Pro Version Available on Sale for $9.95 (Regular $29.00)

Pros: Powerful tools for video editors working with WMV, Playback support in Office 2011 for Word and PowerPoint, Keynote can import Windows Media files through Flip4Mac, Supports video previews in Finder, Supports WMV in Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Mail, Official Windows Media Player.

Cons: Does not support Snow Leopard; Does not support screen casting; Leaves a watermark in QuickTime; Advanced features are only available in Pro version

#4. VLC Media Player (for Mac and Windows)

software rotate video

VLC Media Player is a popular media player and video rotate program for both PC and Mac. If you have it installed already, you may be surprised to learn that it can also rotate your home videos.

Price: FREE

Pros: Popular software which many users already have. Free.

Cons: The rotation process is quite complicated for beginners.

#5. Windows Movie Maker (for Windows)

free video rotate

Windows Movie Maker comes preinstalled with Windows versions from Vista onwards, and is a great little free video rotate software for Windows for doing basic editing tasks, such as rotation.

Price: FREE

Pros: Free and easy to use. Preinstalled on modern versions of Windows.

Cons: none.

#6. QuickTime Pro (for Mac and Windows)

free video rotation software

Apple's signature video software, QuickTime Pro, has a paid version which included a range of editing options, including video rotation. It's a steep investment, though, so be sure that QuickTime Pro is right for you before splashing out. If you already have QuickTime Pro, though, it'll rotate your videos no problem.

Price: $39.99 for Mac version, $29.99 for Windows version

Pros: QuickTime is Apple's signature video software, so it's compatible across all Apple devices.

Cons: That hefty price tag. QuickTime is also considered outdated compared to some, newer, media players and editors.

#7. DVDVideoMedia Free Video Rotator (for Windows)

free video editor rotate

DVDVideoMedia Free Video Rotator is a freeware video rotator on Windows especially made for rotating video clips. You can easily rotate videos in an error orientation with its help.

Price: FREE

Pros: Free, easy to use.

Cons: Only can rotate video clips 90 degree clockwise.

#8. VideoPad (for Windows)

rotate video program

VideoPad is free video rotate software that can rotate any of your oddly oriented videos in the perfect orientation. It does the job of video rotation quickly and easily. It can easily give a magical touch to your videos by providing wide varieties of effects to them. You’ll get a whopping number of video formats in the tool. No matter what the video recorder is, you can edit the video taken with the gadget.

Price: FREE


  • A lot of video formats are supported.
  • Videos are burnable to DVD.
  • Videos from any camcorder can be edited.
  • Many visual effects are available.

Cons: It becomes slow which may irritate you.

#9. MPlayer (for Windows)

video rotate program

MPlayer is another great free video rotator for Windows. It’s very simple to use when it comes to rotate videos.

Price: FREE


  • Very easy-to-use program at times of rotating videos.
  • The editing can be accomplished very quickly.

Cons: Sometimes, it hangs which is disgusting.

#10. DVDVideosoft Free Video Flip and Rotate (for Windows)

video rotation software free

DVDVideosoft Free Video Flip and Rotate is free video rotate software that can rotate any of your oddly oriented videos in the perfect orientation. It does the job of video rotation quickly and easily. You can rotate your required video in 90 degree both CCW and CW. In addition, rotating a video in 180 degree angle is just a matter of a few clicks.

Price: FREE


  • Rotation can be done in CW and CCW (90 degree).
  • A lot of video playing features.
  • Flipping is possible both horizontally and vertically.
  • No adware or spyware added.

Cons: Toolbar has bloatware.

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