Top 10 Apps to Rotate Video on iPhone

Top 10 Apps to Rotate Video on iPhone

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By Elva | Apr 27,2018 10:24 am

Have used your iPhone to record videos and later find the videos are not in the right orientation? It's not a big deal at all. All you need is to rotate the video to the right orientation. This article is written to tell you how to rotate iPhone videos. Both desktop tool and apps to rotate video on iPhone are covered here. Personally, I prefer using a desktop tool to rotate iPhone videos, because it's easy, simple and quick. Moreover, there are more editing elements in the desktop tool than that of the apps on the iPhone.

Part 1. Desktop Tool to Rotate iPhone Videos - Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor for Windows (or Filmora Video Editor for Mac) both for beginners and professionals while other software are either for beginners or professionals. It's main interface is prettys simple. It's "Standard Mode" is for users who don't know much techniques about video editing and its "Advanced Mode" is for professionals. Advanced Mode contains multiple effects, transitions, text themem, etc. Anyway, as for rotating iPhone videos, you only need 3 simple steps: import iPhone video > click the rotate button > export video.

The Best Adobe Premiere Pro Alternative

some of the exciting features of the software:

  • Standard Mode for beginners & Advanced Mode for professionals;
  • Contains all the basic editing features: trim/crop, cut, rotate, text, add background music, etc.
  • More than 200 effects are available for users to apply to the videos;
  • Support multiple videos from all kinds of cameras and smartphones;
  • Very stable and runs smoothly both on Mac (macOS 10.13 High Sierra included) and Windows PC;

Steps on How to Rotate iPhone Videos on PC with Filmora Video Editor:

Step 1. Open Filmora Video Editor

The first step is involved with launching the program on your PC. And you will go to the main interface. You can click on the "FULL FEATURE MODE" to open the video editing window.

rotate iphone video

Step 2. Import iPhone Media Files

Then, click the "Import Media Files Here" to import your required iPhone video that you’ll need to rotate. Using the drag and drop option, you can import the video quite easily.

rotate iphone videos

Step 3. Rotate iPhone Videos

Now, click the "Edit" button which is situated above the timeline. This will open a window where you can use different buttons for rotating iPhone video. After completing the rotation of iPhone video, click on the "OK" button.

rotate iphone video on pc

Step 4. Save or Export Video

To export the video, hit the "Export" button. Choose your preferred configurations for the video to be exported and then, hit the "Export" and then, "OK" buttons.

rotate iphone video on computer

Part 2: Top 10 Apps to Rotate Video on iPhone

APP 1: How to Rotate Video on iPhone with Video Rotate

rotate video app

This iPhone video rotate app does exactly what its name suggests: it's especially used to rotate iPhone videos. It works with all of the latest versions of iOS and iPhone, and solves the issue of your iPhone incorrectly orientating iPhone video. It's highly rated among App Store customers.

Pros: Simple tool for rotating videos, ad-free version.

Cons: Paid version of a free app.

Price: $0.99

APP 2: How to Flip Video on iPhone with Video Rotate Free

how to rotate a video on iphone

This is the free version of Video Rotate app to rotate videos taken in the wrong orientation on iPhone. Obviously, as you would expect from the free version, it has advertisements. It has a slightly lower rating than its paid counterpart.

Pros: It's free

Cons: Given lower reviews in App Store.

Price: Free

App 3: How to Rotate Video on iPhone with Video Slimmer

how to rotate videos on iphone

Video Slimmer is an app to rotate video on iPhone to reduce their size on disk. You can save potentially as much as 80% of the file's size with this app – and it has a handy rotation tool, too!

Pros: Can scale down video file sizes as well as rotate.

Cons: Comparatively expensive.

Price: $2.99

App 4: How to Flip Video on iPhone with Video Rotate & Flip

iphone rotate app

If you need to rotate or mirror flip your iPhone videos, this simple app can help you to solve the problem of how to rotate a video on iPhone 6, iPhone 5, etc. Well-received by App Store customers, it does exactly what you'd expect – rotate and flip your iPhone videos.

Pros: Highly rated in the App Store, simple tool.

Cons: For a tool that only mirrors and rotates, it's expensive.

Price: $1.99

App 5: How to Rotate Video on iPhone with Video Swivel

rotating video on a iphone

With simple settings to rotate a iPhone video either 90, 180, or 270 degrees, Video Swivel solves the problem of your iPhone videos being wrongly orientated or playing incorrectly on your PC or Mac. This free version supports videos up to one minute in length, the paid version supports videos up to ten minutes long.

Pros: Available in free and paid versions, depending on whether you need to rotate a shorter or longer video, simple to use.

Cons: Free version can only handle videos less than a minute in length.

Price: Free

App 6: How to Flip Video on iPhone with Camera Plus Pro

rotate a video in iphone

Wondering how to flip a video on iphone? Camera Plus Pro is great solution for iPhone photographers and videographers alike! It has a whole host of video and photo editing tools, and of course, rotation is one of them. It's highly recommended by App Store customers, and has been downloaded over a million times.

Pros: It has a video rotation feature, high rated in the App Store.

Cons: The primarily set up for still photos.

Price: $1.99

App 7: How to Rotate Video on iPhone with iMovie for iPhone

rotate a video on iphone 6

iMovie for iPhone is a video editor, based on the popular Mac software. It offers a wide range of video editing options, of which rotation is but one. If you're a Mac owner who's familiar with this software already, you'll find it to be a slightly slimmed down version, but fully compatible nevertheless.

Pros: Compatible with iMovie on Mac. Wealth of editing features.

Cons: Expensive – if all you need is to rotate iPhone video, go elsewhere. Rotate feature may be hard to find for newcomers.

Price: $4.99

App 8: How to Flip Video on iPhone with Montaj

how to rotate a video on iphone 5s

If you don't know how to rotate videos on iPhone, Montaj is the highly recommended app to rotate video. This video rotate app bills itself as a "social" video and photos app. It's essentially a video and photo editor, which naturally includes a rotation function. It's continually updated, and has good reviews from App Store customers.

Pros: Free video editing software, frequently updated, and has good reviews.

Cons: It doesn't have as many features as iMovie or Camera Plus Pro.

Price: Free

App 9: How to Rotate Video on iPhone with Cute Cut

how to rotate a video on iphone 4

Cute CUT is an app to rotate video whose special feature is the ability to personalise your iPhone video with your own drawings and writing. It has a rotate function for your videos, as well as these cute, funky drawing features.

Pros: Free app with range of personalisation options.

Cons: Primarily a video writing and drawing tool, not a video rotator.

Price: Free

App 10: How to Flip Video on iPhone with Vintagio

apps for rotating a video

If you like Instagram's filters for your photos, Vintagio can do the same for your videos! Just choose from their funky, retro filters and apply one to your video and watch it go all vintage! It has a rotate function, too, as well as these cool retro looks.

Pros: Cool, retro looks. Comparatively inexpensive and has unique features.

Cons: Video editor, not a pure video rotator.

Price: $0.99

Part 3: How to Rotate iPhone Video on PC with Windows Movie Maker

Now is the time to show you how to rotate iPhone video using Windows Movie Maker. Here are the easy steps to doing so.

Step 1. The first necessary action is to launch Windows Movie Maker on your computer.

Step 2. After that, open the iPhone video that needs to be rotated. To do this, you’ll have to import the video. You can import the video using the drag and drop feature of the software. You can also use the “Add videos and photos” key to open the video.

rotate iphone video on windows movie maker

Step 3. The next step is to vist the editing options where there are the "Rotate left" and the "Rotate right" keys available. Use any of the rotation keys to rotate your iPhone video as per your need.

Step 4. After the rotation is complete, save it on your PC.

rotate iphone video with windows movie maker

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