How to Rotate MPEG Video by 90 Degrees and 180 Degrees

How to Rotate MPEG Video by 90 Degrees and 180 Degrees

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Sometimes, when you shoot a video with a mobile device or even some models of photo/video cameras, you may notice that the video is played in a proper aspect ratio on your device’s screen, whereas on a desktop computer or a laptop it will be played vertically. This can happen to any video format including MPEG. No worry! You can easily rotate MPEG videos with some video editing software. Here is the best solution for you.

Best Video Rotator Tool to Rotate MPEG Video - Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor for Windows (Filmora Video Editor for Mac) is a reliable, spot-on, easy to use video editor that supports virtually any format, including MPEG videos and can easily rotate MPEG video in just a few moments. You can crop, rotate, resize and merge videos with just a few simple clicks. What I enjoy the most is the user-friendly, comprehensible interface and the wide variety of video effects and filters that you can add to your clip. It runs smoothly, without freezing and with fast loading time and it doesn’t overburden your system.

rotate mpeg
  • Provides all the basic video editing toole cropping, splitting, rotating and merging.
  • Have more than 300 types of free effects to choose from, including filters, transitions, music, graphics, and so on.
  • You can personalize videos with mosaic, face-off, PIP, green screen, split screen features.
  • Support a wide range of input and output video, photo and audio formats.

Tutorial on How to Rotate MPEG Video with Filmora Video Editor

Step 1. Launch the Filmora Video Editor

Download and install the free trial version of the application on your computer. After the installation is completed, simply double-click on its shortcut and start it up.

rotate mpeg video

Step 2. Import your video to Filmora Video Editor

Simply drag and drop your videos into the main window of the software or click the “Import Media” button to add the media files you wish to rotate. Select the location of your video and open it in the software. The Filmora Video Editor will automatically load up your video.

mpeg video rotate

Step 3. Rotate video

Drag your video to the timeline and select it. Click the rotate video until your MPEG video file is properly oriented. You have various options for rotating videos, so make sure you experiment a little until your video looks perfect. You can rotate mpeg videos 90 degrees, or simply flip it by rotating it 180 degrees.

rotate mpeg videos

Step 4. Save/Export your video

Once your video looks just as you want it to, click the “Export” button to export your clip. You can change the format, save it on a device or even upload it directly on YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo.

how to rotate mpeg

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