How to Rotate Video on Facebook

How to Rotate Video on Facebook

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By Elva | Jul 25,2018 14:37 pm

Have you ever uploaded a video on Facebook? Did you ever realize that after uploading it, the video is upside down or rotated of 90 degrees? Don't worry! Here you can find the solution to rotate a video uploaded to Facebook! Now Facebook rotate video is possible and without uploading it again. If you don't believe me, take five minutes od your free time and try to follow this instructions below. You will know how to rotate a video on Facebook without having install addition software on PC.

Part 1. Rotate Facebook Video with Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor for Windows (Filmora Video Editor for Mac) is quite cheap video editing software, which is also the best video rotator for users to rotate all kinds of videos include Facebook video. It manages to gather a wide variety of useful features. These features are essential for achieving a high quality video, in a very short time.

how to rotate video in facebook
  • Multiple Import: A feature that allows you to import short clips, photos or audio in any format.
  • Advanced Editing: This will help you edit and enhance video files in a simple way.
  • Free Effects: With this feature, you can apply 300+ new video effects to your video.
  • Quick Output: A simple way to save or export your video to your desired format or platform.

Tutorial on How to Rotate Facebook Video Using Filmora Video Editor

Step 1. Install and Run Filmora Video Editor

After installing and running Filmora Video Editor, choose "FULL FEATURE MODE" to start the editing work.

how to rotate video on facebook

Step 2. Import Facebook Video

Click the first icon above the timeline to import media files. If you want to import media files from Facebook, Flickr and Instagram, click the corresponding social media > enter your account to import the media files.

facebook rotate video

Step 3. Rotate Facebook Video

To rotate the Facebook video, click the Rotate icon above the Timeline, or double-click the video clip in Timeline to activate Video Inspector where you can rotate the the video. Then select the voice Rotate Late or Rotate Right from the menu that opens.

rotate video facebook

Step 4. Upload The Video to Facebook

Then, you are able to edit the videos with more special effects supplied by Filmora before posting it to Facebook. When all editings are done, click the EXPORT button, select "Facebook", enter a video title and description. After that, click the "Upload" to publish the video on Facebook.

rotate video on facebook

Part 2. How to Rotate a Video Uploaded on Facebook

To rotate video in Facebook, the first step you need to do is to connect to the main page of the social network and click on your “Photo” placed in the upper left side to access your profile.

After that, select the “Photos” tab and go to the album and then in Video.

At this point, click on the “Preview” of the movie you want to rotate and should start automatically its reproduction.

To rotate the video, place your mouse cursor over it and click the “Options” button that appears at the bottom.

Then select the voice “Rotate Left” or “Rotate Right” from the menu that opens (depending on the direction in which you wish to play the movie) and wait a few seconds for the changes to take effect.

The duration of the procedure varies depending on the duration and quality of video to be rotated. Have a little patience and the movie will be shot in the desired direction (with the possibility of repeating the operation and back at any time.)

More Tips for Editing Video on Facebook

When you edit Facebook video, you can take the following aspects into consideration so that you won’t miss the information you want to edit.

Title Generally speaking, you’ll want to enter a name of the video you upload. If you don’t write a title for video, the video will be automatically titled with the timestamp of when you recorded and uploaded it. It is better to select a name that can attract people’s attention.

Description: This is description of what is happen in your uploaded video. The description of video might be optional because this part mostly introduces the things related with the posters, not the videos.

Tags: You are able to @ the people appeared in the video int his section.

Location: This section enables tyou to enter the location where the video was taken.

Date: This section allows you to add the exact date when the video was taken.

Privacy: In Friends section, you are allowed to select who you want to share the video with.

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