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Video rotation on multimedia editors can be quite useful in specific scenarios. The scenario in which video rotation might be useful and is quite common is when video is not correctly recorded on a Smartphone, for example when the phone is held vertically rather that on landscape mode. In both cases, the issue can be fixed by using the rotation feature on the video editor you are working on. This article will show you how to rotate video with iMovie and another 2 popular way to rotate video files on Mac.

Best Video Editor to Rotate Video on Mac - Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor for Mac which is a video editor that will allow you to access even more capabilities and major support for video formats and devices. While on iMovie all of these settings are found in different sections of the application, on Filmora Video Editor you can have access and edit them right from the same window. And when the time comes to bring your creations to the show, you can easily export them to Blu-ray, DVD, or choose from the presets for iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android devices and many more.

Key Features of Filmora Video Editor:

  • Contains lots of basic editing tools for video rotating, video trimming, video split and joining two or more videos.
  • Over 200 filters and overlays to choose from, you can turn simple videos into movie quality.
  • Motion graphics and special effects can be added very easily.
  • Texts and titles allow easy customization of the videos as you wish.

put videos side by side 

Part 1: How to Rotate Videos using iMovie in Mac OS X

iMovie for Mac is one of the easiest and most known applications to edit video, supporting video rotation along many other basic and advanced options. While using iMovie, you can easily rotate your video in three steps.

  • rotating videos in imovieStep 1. Import videos to prepare for cropping:If you have your video already imported and working already on iMovie, all you need to do is select it and press the Crop button to your right, at the bottom of the video viewer. Remember you can import the video by going to File > Import and use the letter 'C' on your keyboard to crop/rotate.
  • imovie rotate videosStep 2. Start to crop video using iMovie: After clicking on Crop on top of the viewer you will find two arrows pointing left or right at the top of it. You can use them to rotate the video in the direction you need
  • can imovie rotate videosStep 3. Make some settings:Now that you have adjusted the video just like you need it you need to keep in mind that the video may not fit the screen, so you might have to crop it in order to adjust to the new aspect. You can do this by just clicking on the "Crop" button below the video.

Part 2: How to Rotate Videos with Filmora Video Editor

Step 1: As it happens on iMovie, the first thing that you need to do on Filmora Video Editor is to add the source video files that you will use in your production. To do it, simply drag the files into the application or click on Import at the top of it. Then you need to drag the imported files to the video timeline at the bottom.

how to rotate videos with imovie

Step 2: On the Video timeline, you can click on the video and a small Rotate button will appear upon it. A new section will appear at the top left side of the application. From here you will be able to rotate the video, flip it, adjust other settings like its brightness or even change its speed.

how to rotate videos with imovie

Step 3: When the video is rotated to the right orientation. You can edit the video with more features supported by Filmora Video Editor if it's needed. When finish the editing, click the "Export" to select the way you want to save the rotated video.

how to rotate videos with imovie

Video Tutorial: Rotate Videos with Filmora Video Editor

Part 3: Rotate video with iPhoto

Many video editing tools will provide you with advanced features that may come at handy. But let's be honest, most of these advanced products will charge you for functions that most of the time you will not really use. Video rotation, however is a very basic features, that you can easily find available in most tools.

iPhoto is another preinstalled application. Think of it as an iMovie for photos! It doesn't let you rotate video clips, only photos, but you can export them to be rotated in iMovie (via the above steps) or in another video editor of your choice, such as QuickTime Pro.

Step 1: Open iPhoto from your Applications folder. If you deleted it, or for some other reason you don't have it on your Mac, you can download it here: download iPhoto application.

Step 2: Select the video clip you want to export by opening the "File" menu, and then click "Export".

Remember to set the Export option as ":to Original", otherwise all you'll get is a shortcut to the iPhoto video, which you can't upload or copy to another source.

Step 3: Navigate to the exported video on your Mac, and open it in iMovie, QuickTime Pro, or the video editing software of your choice. For steps to rotate the video in iMovie, see above.

how to rotate videos with imovie

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