"Some of my iPhone 5 videos play sideways on my computer (Window 8). Is there any easy way to rotate the videos so it plays correctly?"

The reason your iPhone videos playback sideways on computer is that you held the iPhone vertically when you recorded the video. If you hold your iPhone vertically, the way you talk on the phone, the recorded video will in 9×16 aspect ratio and plays sideways on the computer or HDTV screens, which expect your video to be 16×9 aspect ratio. Videos recorded in landscape mode could be upside down if the home button is on the left hand side. There is an easy way to fix this problem, with the help of some third-party software to make it work. The steps that follow will help you rotate iPhone video to make it play correctly on your computer or big screen TV.

how to rotate iphone video

For Mac users, you can rotate your videos from iPhone by using the iSkysoft Video Editor for Mac. For Windows users, although Windows Movie Maker supports video rotation, but bad news is that iPhone video are in a format that Windows Movie Maker can't recognize. So, iSkysoft Video Editor for Windows will help you do the task.

Guide to Rotate iPhone Video using iSkysoft Video Editor

For this tutorial, I show you how to use iSkysoft Video Editor to rotate and edit your iPhone video. Once you have the program installed, the steps to rotate your iPhone video are plain and simple.

how to rotate iphone 4/4s/5/5s/6 video on pc

See the detailed step-by-step guide on how do you rotate a video from iPhone/iPad/iPod.

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another upset user
will not use because of watermark
Thanks, Upset User, for alerting me to that, or I might have missed it. NOT COOL.
Upset User
I don\'t appreciate the fact that they wait until you install the FREE version to tell you that a watermark will be installed throughout the video unless you buy it. Just because of this - I will uninstall it and I don\'t care if it is free. I won\'t be using this.
I really appreciate this information regarding why it is that I CONTINUALLY get sideways videos from two people who send me iphone videos all the time. So, please let me know if I am correct . . . .the i-phone should be held horizontally, NOT vertically. YES? If so, I still have one more question . . . should the top of the phone (where your ear is placed when speaking on the phone) should the top be facing RIGHT or LEFT???? Thanks so much for your answer.

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