Since the huge popularity of iPhones, many people love to capture photos and videos using their Apple devices. When watching an iPhone video on Mac, you have faced a trouble before that is its odd orientation. If this happens, then you’ll have to rotate iPhone video properly so that you can watch it without any problem. So, in this post, we’re gonna let you know how to rotate iPhone video on Mac with 2 easy ways.

Part 1: How to Rotate iPhone Video on Mac with Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor for Mac (or Filmora Video Editor for Windows ) is no doubt the best video editor there is given. It offers users the quickest way to create a video and everything for video editing respectively. Like rotating an iPhone video is just a piece of cake with this powerful video editor.

Key Features of Filmora Video Editor:

  • Videos can be edited in easy and advanced modes.
  • The rotated video is shareable on different channels.
  • Video can be exported in many formats.
  • Different types of media files are supported.
  • It can capture the screen of your computer screen.

The Best to rotate iphone video on mac  

Tutorial on How to Rotate iPhone Video on Mac (Sierra Included)

Step 1 Download and Launch Filmora Video Editor

Once you have downloaded and installed this program, the next step is to launch it. When showing the windows below, first choose an aspect ratio. The aspect ratio can either be 16:9(wide screen view) or 4:3 (standard view). After that, click "Create New Movie" to start the iPhone video rotation.

how to rotate video on mac

Step 2 Import iPhone Videos to Program

There is a big "IMPORT MEDIA" button where you can import your iPhone video from your iPhone device or Mac.

choose mode

Step 3 Rotate the iPhone Video on Mac

Now, drag and drop the imported iPhone video to the timeline. you’ll have to take help of the "Rotate" icon situated just above the timeline. This will open a pop-up window called the "Video Inspector" where you’ll get to see many video rotating options. Click on the orientation control buttons, you can rotate your video. And after accomplishing the rotation, click on the "OK" button of the pop-up window.

rotate video with adobe premiere pro

Step 4 Export Video

Once you are done with the rotation, the next step is to export your rotated iPhone video by simply clicking on the "Export" button. Filmora Video Editor has many export options, there is lots of outputs video formats. You can also choose to export by device format, or upload the video instantly to social media sites like Facebook and YouTube. Select your preferable video format and then, hit the "Create" button.

export video

Part 2: How to Rotate an iPhone Video on Mac with iMovie

Now, you’ll learn how to rotate an iPhone video on Mac using iMovie.

Step 1. The initial stage is to open the software’s browser on the program of iMovie.

Step 2. By tapping on the iPhone video that you wanna rotate, you can bring that in the editing panel.

Step 3. You can see that there are 2 different arrows which can be used to rotate your videos according to the directions.

Step 4. The video might not adjust with your screen after rotating it. For this, hit the "Crop" button which will come up with several options such as "Filt", "Crop" etc.

Step 5. Hit the "Fit" button in order to fit the iPhone video on your screen. You can see that there’s a green boarder around the video by using which you can adjust the video with your screen size.

So, these are the easy ways of rotating iPhone videos using iMovie on Mac.

export video

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