The Easiest Way to Crop and Rotate Video

The Easiest Way to Crop and Rotate Video

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By Elva | Feb 28,2018 16:16 pm

You are most likely to come across a Smartphone-captured video in your daily life. Most of these videos may be filmed sideways and it's not pleasing to view and therefore, you will need to crop and rotate video in order to make it more presentable. Luckily, rotating and cropping a video can be very simple by the use of the right tool.

The Best Video Editor to Crop and Rotate Video

Filmora Video Editor is one of the best video editor that has functionalities to rotate and crop video. This tool will help you have a more presentable and vivid video. Filmora have great functionalities that will not only help you crop and rotate video but also enables you to do more video editing tasks.

  • Rotate And Crop Video This is one of the basic functionality of Filmora. It helps users to easily crop a video to the desired size and frame ratio. Users can also be able to rotate the videos to the desired orientation.
  • Trim Video This feature enables video editors to trim off unwanted parts of a video easily. The trimming functionality provides accurate results.
  • Audio Editing This is also an awesome feature of Filmora. Users can easily edit audio in their video wheels tools such as fade in and out, pitch, equalizer, among others.
  • Speed Control Speed controls allows video editors to control the rate at which a video is played. This is a very helpful tool to provide great end results.

How to Crop and Rotate Video

When using a tool such as Filmora Video Editor, cropping and rotating a video becomes very easy. Following are the steps to achieve great cropped and rotated video.

Step 1: Download and Install Filmora Video Editor

The first thing you need to do is to have the software in your computer. You'll find the necessary package for your Windows, Mac or Linux. This software comes along with the instructions on how to install and operate it. It therefore becomes easy for anyone to install and run the software.

Step 2: Import Video to the Program

When the software is installed, is now the time to make use of it. Select the import button in the main window to import the video that you wish to rotate and crop. You'll be taken to a window where you select the video from your local disk.

Step 3: Rotate Video

After import the videos to the media library, just drag and drop it down to the timeline in order to rotate it. Double click on the video, to bring up the editing tools. The four rotation option shows up on top. You can rotate your video to 90° all the way to 270 degrees and then rotate back to the original position. Second option enables you to rotate your video to 90° anti-clockwise continuously until you get back to the original position. The third options enable you to free play video upside down or horizontally. The fourth option helps you to flip video left to right, vertical or like you are looking yourself in a mirror. Choose the right direction that you want to rotate the video and then click "OK".

Step 4: Crop Video

To crop video, just right click the video in timeline and select "Crop and Zoom". It will pop up a cropping window where you can crop the video as your wishes.

Step 5: Save or Export video

Once your video turns the way you wanted it to be, new concepts video by clicking export button. This enables you to export a video in popular formats. In case you want video creation for iPod, iPhone or iPad select 'Device' so that your video will be formatted according to the format of these devices. This is how easy it is to rotate and crop video using Filmora video editing tool.

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