Top 10 Windows Movie Maker Troubleshootings You Need to Know

When using Windows Movie Maker, you might experience Windows Movie Maker not working problems. Here are tips about Windows Movie Maker Troubleshootings.
Elva updated on 2022-05-05 10:51:45

When using Windows Movie Maker, chances are that you will experience some problems since it’s not immune to that. Some of the problems might emanate from improper installation procedures or even bad use of the program. Whatever the problem is, there are solutions that you can seek to have everything back to normalcy. Therefore, the following are top 10 Windows Movie Maker troubleshootings.

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Troubleshootings on Windows Movie Maker Problems

1. Inability to Import MP4 Files

MPEG is the highly recognized format by Windows Movie Maker and if your MP4 files are unable to import, you should first convert to that. After converting, you can easily import.

windows movie maker troubleshooting 

2. Loading Stops When Playing Files

You will encounter this problem very rarely but it’s very frustrating. The cause could be incompatible filters and the solution will be making sure you only load compatible files.

troubleshooting windows movie maker 

3. Protected Content

If you try to import any files to Windows Movie Maker and they have digital protection, you will receive an error message. This is a problem that cannot be solved but prevented through making sure you don’t import files with such protection.

troubleshooting for windows movie maker 

4. Difficulties Importing Incompatible Files

Whether its video or audio, you cannot add files to Windows Movie Maker if they are saved in a format that is not supported. Your only solution will be converting the files to a format that is supported by Windows Movie Maker.

ten troubleshooting for windows movie maker 

5. Absence of Sound

Your video or Windows Movie Maker program might be the cause of absent sound but you must determine where the problem lies. If it’s the computer system, you can make sure there is right sound drivers installed since without that sound will not be heard.

ten troubleshooting windows movie maker 

6. Movie Maker Not Working

There are many reasons why Windows Movie Maker will stop working: improper use, overworking the program or faulty installation. Do a diagnosis of the problem to determine the cause and then consider uninstalling to install the program afresh. It will help solve the problem.

windows movie maker ten troubleshooting 

7. Movie Maker Fails to Start

There will be nothing as frustrating as your Windows Movie Maker failing to start when you have some editing to do. The program might fail to start if the version you are using has expired. Naturally, you will have to install the latest version in the market and it will solve the problem for good.

windows live movie maker troubleshooting 

8. Unrecognized Webcam

You will expect your webcam to be recognized by Windows Movie Maker once you have plugged in to import your files. Sometimes, that will not occur and an error message appears on the screen. If that happens, you should check the connection between your computer and the webcam to be sure it is fine. Poor connection will obviously bring such problems.

troubleshooting windows live movie maker 

9. Unable to Record Files

There are other times when the webcam might be well connected but recording your video or audio files fail to materialize. Just be sure that you are not sharing the webcam with any other program apart from Windows Movie Maker. The other option will be reconnecting the webcam if the first option fails to work.

ten troubleshooting windows live movie maker 

10. Unrecognized Audio Device

If the screen displays an error message indicating that no audio devices have been found, you should click on the “Start” button to access the “Control Panel” for easy diagnosis. It will give you the choice of selecting the right recording device that you want to use and webcam is one of the choices available. The process might be tedious but it will be the only way to clear such an error.

ten troubleshooting for windows live movie maker 
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