Top 19 Windows Movie Maker Alternatives

Top 19 Windows Movie Maker Alternatives

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By Elva | Aug 23,2018 17:58 pm

Windows Movie Maker not working? Don't worry! Here are the best Windows Movie Maker alternative and Windows Movie Maker for Windows 10 to fit specific video editing needs. It's important for the aspiring film makers to choose the best video editor that fit their needs, not only the beginners or the professionals. There are different levels of Windows Movie Maker alternatives because there are different types of videos to be edited. Read on and get the best Windows Movie Maker alternative for you.

Top 19 Windows Movie Maker Alternative You Should Know

#1. Filmora Video Editor (Windows and Mac)

Platforms like YouTube and Vimeo have people making small fortunes from their self-made videos. Fortunately, aspiring video directors can edit their videos to nearly professional level with Filmora Video Editor for Windows (or Filmora Video Editor for Mac). This is one of the best Windows Movie Maker alternative available, and it features the ability to easily exported to an iPhone, Blackberry and most Android devices.

Windows Movie Maker Alternative - Filmora Video Editor
  • Easy to use. It's the best video editing software for beginners.
  • Trim, crop, split, combine and shape like the best software available.
  • There's also an advanced editing option for making more professional looking videos.
  • You can freely add effects including transitions, intro, title, green screen, PIP, overlay and 300+ more to your videos.

By the way, if you want to get detailed guide of Filmora Video Editor, please check here to learn more.

#2. Ezvid (Windows)

Windows Movie Maker Alternative - Ezvid

This Windows Movie Maker alternative may be the most YouTube user friendly video editor in the world. While it initially began as a screen casting software, it also has a video editing feature. The word that best describes the user interface is 'simple' because virtually anyone can use it. This is the ideal choice for people with less technical savvy, but experienced users may find it to be too simple.

  • Ease of use, especially the video recorder.
  • Users simply need to push one button to begin recording the screen.
  • This is ideal for gamers who want to share the conquests.
  • Doesn't allow other videos to be imported, and it only exports to YouTube. Anyone looking to make a viral video will miss out on Facebook and other social media opportunities.
  • Supported Platform: Microsoft Windows XP, SP3, Vista, 7 and 8

    Price: Free

Download Ezvid>>

#3. Pinnacle Studio (Windows)

Windows Movie Maker Alternative - Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is now of the original video editors and their 18th installment is still one of the best. This is one of the few brands with an actual history to gauge future performance. Though Pinnacle has been acquired by companies like Avid and Corel in the past, it has remained a mainstay over the past decade.

  • The best aspect of Pinnacle Studios has always been the plethora of special effects.
  • There are literally dozens of different option from which users can choose and the system operates natively in a 64 bit operation.
  • There are issues with 4k performance which wasn't present in previous versions.
  • The interface can also be annoying, because there's no multicam or motion tracking.
  • Supported Platform: Windows 8, Windows 7

    Price: $59.95

Download Pinnacle Studio>>

#4. Corel VideoStudio Pro X8 (Windows)

Windows Movie Maker Alternative- Corel VideoStudio Pro

This is another Windows Movie Maker alternative which delivers lots of special effects. This is one of the best-known names in the video editing software world, and it has won a litany of awards. Technically savvy users will absolutely love this software, because it doesn't leave much to be desired.

  • Excellent for advanced users with a litany of special features.
  • Film makers who want a professional finished product will absolutely love Pro X8.
  • Anyone familiar with previous installments will be able to use either the 32 or 64 bit version of Pro 8X.
  • The interface can be difficult to navigate, especially for beginners.
  • The number of special features can make it difficult to find specific features.
  • Supported Platform: Microsoft Windows 8 or Windows 7

    Price: $79.99

Download Corel VideoStudio Pro X8>>

#5. Avid Media Composer (Windows and Mac)

Windows Movie Maker Alternative- Avid Media Composer

This Windows Movie Maker alternative has been dubbed 'Advanced Editing Software' by the makers, and it delivers for the most part. This is the seventh installment of the software and it may be the best that Avid has ever produced.

  • The biggest advantage of Media Composer is its ability to transcode movie clips.
  • The Avid Media Access (AMA) workflow allows the program to handle videos in their original format.
  • Transcoding can even be done in the background, permitting the video editor to be more productive.
  • There's even a new memory resident transcoder even functions like a charm even when the software isn't running.


  • The resolutions and frame rates leave a lot to be desired.
  • Supported Platform: Microsoft Windows 7 & 8, Mac OSX 10.10.x (Yosemite)

    Price: starting at $1299.00 per year

Download Avid Media Composer>>

#6. VideoPad Video Editor (Windows and Mac)

Windows Movie Maker Alternative - VideoPad Video Editor

This Windows Movie Maker alternative is an average system for average people with average needs. Not everyone needs to make amazing videos, and they may not want to spend hundreds on editing software. This system is also compatible with the iMac and a PC so it feeds the needs of anyone who isn't too particular.

  • There's a free version of Videopad available to let users see what they're actually getting.
  • The drag and drop editing makes the entire process user friendly, and there's even HD editing available.
  • Has a basic activity
  • The Pro version isn't very impressive when compared to the free version.
  • The features are also limited in both versions.
  • Supported Platform: Microsoft Windows 7 or Newer/ Mac Intel OS 10.4.4 or higher

    Price: $99.00

Download Videopad Video Editor>>

#7. Adobe Premiere Pro (Window and Mac)

Windows Movie Maker Alternative - Adobe Premiere Pro

This Windows Movie Maker alternative can transform a computer into a virtual movie studio. There isn't much that this program can't do, offering hundreds of editing option for the user.

  • The interface is extremely fluid, offering adjustable trimming options.
  • The multicam angles are unlimited and the entire experience is very enjoyable.
  • The program crashes more often than anything near this price range.
  • In fact, the price itself might be the greatest con of all.
  • Supported Platform: Microsoft Windows Vista, XP and 7/ iMac OS

    Price: $599.88 per year

Download Adobe Premiere Pro>>

#8. Lightworks (Windows, Mac and Linux)

Windows Movie Maker Alternative - Lightworks

This Windows Movie Maker alternative is compatible with both Linux and Windows as well as iMac. The software is fairly simple to use with enough special features to please more experienced editors. It's less expensive than comparible software but it doesn't have many options for music editing.

  • There's a free subscription version of the software and even it is resolution independent.
  • The interface was designed by professionals and it reflects this.
  • The Linux version lacks FireWire capture suppot and the sound editing is extremely limited.
  • Supported Platform: Windows 7 or Newer, Mac OS X and Linux

    Price: $437.99

Download Lightworks >>

#9. Sony Vegas Pro 13 (Windows)

Windows Movie Maker Alternative - Sony Vegas Pro

This Windows Movie Maker alternative is a timeline based system which rivals thart of ProTools. However, the interface isn't as smooth as rival products.

  • Helpful iPad app makes software easier to use and it features many useful plugins.
  • The software is also reasonably affordavble when compared to the competition.
  • The software isn't as profiessional as others and advenced users may find it to be inadequate.
  • Supported Platform: Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 (64-bit)

    Price: Starting at $599.95

Download Sony Vegas Pro 13 >>

#10. VideoLAN Movie Creator (Windows, Linux and Mac)

Windows Movie Maker Alternative - VideoLAN Movie Creator

The title says it all as the advanced features allows users to make entire movies from video clips or pictures.

  • Compatible with virtually any type of videos.
  • Formats that won't play anywhere else are usually compatible with VideoLAN.
  • Doesn't flash conrtent online without additional software.
  • The launch times are also less than impressive.
  • Supported Platform: Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

    Price: Free

Download VideoLAN Movie Creator >>

#11. Windows Live Movie Maker (Windows)

Windows Live Movie Maker

This is the standard by which all other movie makers are judged, because it's included with newer versions of Windows. Microsoft's resident movie maker is free of charge, but the price is one of very few attractions.

  • The auto preview of the effects is refreshing, saving a lot of time.
  • The interface is simple enough for a child to use.
  • No contrast adjustments and the ffects can't be calibrated either.
  • Supported Platform: Microsoft Windows 8.1, 10

    Price: Free

Download Windows Live Movie Maker >>

#12. Avidemux (Windows)

Windows Movie Maker Alternative - Avidemux

This is the ideal software for making a video from scratch or sediting an existing video. it takes a while to figure out the interface, but the software is very capable.

  • Professional level editing and virtually all file types are supported.
  • Beginners will struggle to figure out how the interface and the more advanced features work.
  • Supported Platform: Windows 7

    Price: Free

Download Avidemux >>

#13. Wax (Windows)

Windows Movie Maker Alternative - Wax

Wax is universally recognized as one of the best vide editors for amatuers. This is the ideal choice for people who want to learn the subtle nuances of video editing.

  • The program is free of charge, yet it offers impressive features and special effeects.
  • Users with experience will find the software to be too simple.
  • It doesn't offer the same options as the more expensive products, so it doesn't meet more advanced needs.
  • Supported Platform: Windows 7

    Price: Free

Download Wax >>

#14. AVS Video Editor (Windows)

Windows Movie Maker Alternative - AVS Video Editor

Basic video editing software allows you to trim, cut, merge, rotate, mix videos with few clicks.

  • The popular drag and drop format is utilized, making the interface extreely easy for anyone to use.
  • Users must register with an email address in order to access all features.
  • Supported Platform: Windows 7 or newer

    Price: $59.00

Download AVS Video Editor >>

#15. SolveigMM AVITrimmer (Windows)

Windows Movie Maker Alternative - SolveigMM AVITrimmer

This is an incredibly effective tool, with a number of impressive features. The interface is simple to use, and the results are impressive.

  • Several audio and video issues have been fixed from previous versions.
  • The biggest downside is the lack of compativble files.
  • As the name suggests, AVI's are the preffered medium, but AKV's can also be trimmed and edited.
  • Supported Platform: Windows XP, 2000, 2003, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8

    Price: Free

Download SolveigMM AVITrimmer >>

#16. VSDC Free Video Editor (Windows)

Windows Movie Maker Alternative - VSDC Free Video Editor

Users who are familiar with Final Cut Pro will feel right at home with this software. There may be no betteer free video editor on the market, because VSDC is professional grade.

  • Free software is better than many paid programs.
  • It can be difficult to transport audio files
  • Supported Platform: Windows 7 or newer

    Price: Free

Download VSDC Free Video Editor >>

#17. Pinnacle VideoSpin (Windows)

Windows Movie Maker Alternative - Pinnacle VideoSpin

This is one of the best choices for the social media savvy user. Uploading video to the web is as easy as touching a button. The available codec pack gives the software more capability, but the free version will meet most people's needs. It may take a while to learn the interface, but it's tough to find a better paid version.

  • Superior input/output support, making high quality videos. the special effects rival those of much more expensive equipment, and this is one of the best bargains available.
  • The $15 codec pack is needed for some movie files and there are no noteable special effects.
  • Supported Platform: Windows 7 or Newer

    Price: Free

Download Pinnacle VideoSpin >>

#18. Jabshaka (Windows, Mac and Linux)

Windows Movie Maker Alternative - Jabshaka

There aren't many free programs with the audio and visual options of Jabshaka. It has some instability issues, but you'll have to pay if you want a better video editing program. The program also has dozens of YouTube videos dedicated to teaching new users the fundamentals of the program.

  • Unlimited audio space is rare for a free program as is the excellent animation.
  • The free price is also an attractive feature.
  • There's no tutorial and the interface is difficult to learn.
  • The special effects aren't as impressive as those on other free video editors.
  • Supported Platform: Linux, Windows Xp, Vista, 7 and 8

    Price: Free

Download Jahshaka >>

#19. VirtualDub (Windows)

Windows Movie Maker Alternative - VirtualDub

This software is really for improving the quality of a precviously edites video. Consider VirtualDub to be the fine tuning software, because it improves the quality of rough drafts.

  • A free way to get the most of a video before sharing it with the world.
  • The interface is also simple to use with a load of special features.
  • The software has trouble with files that aren't in AVI format and some third party special effects aren't recognized.
  • The software can also run slowly, especially if the computer has little free space.
  • Supported Platform: Windows 7 or Later

    Price: Free

Download VirtualDub >>

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