[Highly Recommend] 10 YouTube Video Intro Maker Apps For iPhone / Android

Introduces the steps of how to use FilmoraGo to edit your YouTube intro video on mobile phones. And recommend 9 best YouTube video intro maker Apps for iPhone / Android.
Elva updated on 2022-05-05 10:52:39

You might have a good YouTube video, but you may not attract more viewers to your video without a proper intro. So, don’t let this happen and create stunning YouTube intro videos using the best Apps to make YouTube intros. Well, you can use any editing software for this. Besides, some Apps can only run on desktops, like OpenShot Video Editor and Lightworks. Even though using this software, you can create good videos, they also some cons. For example,


• You can’t use it on smartphone or iPhone.

• It requires more memory, and to edit 4k video, you will have to buy the pro version.


• Not user-friendly for beginners.

• It comes with limited features.

However, using the video editing App, you can enjoy a greater level of convenience. Such Apps are relatively easy to use and offer all the video editing features you generally get with the software. So, let’s know about some best intro Apps for YouTube and get ready to create unique intros.

Part 1: The Best YouTube Intro Maker App For iPhone / Android - FlilmoraGo

FlilmoraGo comes with a ton of advanced features to create stunning intros utilizing your creativity. Using this, you can make your movie, create music videos, and upload them to social media platforms and YouTube on the go. The tools are simple to use and let you add stunning video and sound effects. What’s more? You can adjust playback speed, merge multiple videos, duplicate your videos, and do more with this App. The App makes it possible to add various overlays, animation and elements, audio, and texts. If you want to make tributes, stories ad dedication in the videos, this can be a perfect tool for you. Some useful features of the App are:

filmorago basic editing

Key Feature

  • 4K resolution editing.
  • GIF support.
  • Video stabilization.
  • Advanced text editing.
  • Social import.
  • Speed control.
  • Noise removal, and more.

Steps to use YouTube video intro maker App --- FlimoraGo

Step 1: Open the App and click On The Plus icon to create a new video.

youtube intro apps iphone

Step 2: Now you need to import videos and photos. You can choose different platforms for this.

youtube intro apps free

Step 3: After choosing the videos, the App will give you the option to trim the video. You can select the trim duration based on your requirement.

youtube intro app maker

Step 4: Now edit it based on your requirements adding different elements.

best youtube intro app

Step 5: Add transitions to your videos. Choose the transition icon located between two clips for this.

youtube intro app

Step 6: Once, add music.

animated youtube intro app

Step 7: Now preview your video and click on save to export your video.

app for youtube intro

In addition to FilmoraGo, Filmora Video Editor (or Filmora Video Editor for Mac) is specially designed for PC. Its more professional operation and more template options will help your video more eye-catching.

basic editing

Filmora Video Editor

  • Use trim, split, merge and crop functions and add effects, transitions, and background music to edit YouTube videos.
  • Offer + 300 effects, including overlays, transitions, etc.
  • Upload the edited video directly to social platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.
  • Supports exporting videos in a variety of popular formats with almost no loss of video quality.
Free Download For Win 7 or later (64-bit)
Free Download For macOS 10.12 or later

Part 2: The Best 9 Apps of YouTube Video Intro Maker For iPhone / Android

You will find many useful Apps to create an excellent YouTube intro through your mobile phones. These Apps come with exciting features and are relatively easy to use. With just a few clicks, you can create a perfect intro video. Because of this, these video Apps are frequently used among YouTubers. After all, the video App allows them to edit their YouTube videos anytime and anywhere. So, what apps do YouTubers use to make their intros? Then, let’s look at the top 8 Apps that you can use for your project.

1. iMovie

iMovie App is specially developed for macOS and iOS platforms. Using this, you can easily create your complete storytelling movie adding logos, videos, photos, and credit rolls. The App is relatively simple and convenient to operate, and it supports video editing at 4K resolution. The App offers more than 25 transitions, text effects, filters, ten creative video filters, etc. The App is free to use.

make a youtube intro app

How to use iMovie?

• First, you need to create a new project. You can choose a movie or trailer option.
• Now you need to choose the video clips that you want to use.
• Once added, edit your movie by adding effect, filters, texts, transitions, video speed, etc.
• Add the music of your choice.
• Now export your movie to save in your mobile storage.


• 4K and HD video support.
• Automated video editing.
• Real-time titling.
• Video stabilization


• The clip trim feature is not precise.
• Sometimes Share to YouTube feature may not work properly.

2. Quick

Quick is quite a popular video editing App for the videos recorded using GoPro cameras, but you can also edit videos using your mobile phone. The App comes with more than 23 customizable beautiful templates that you can use to create an intro for your videos. It has in-built Smart Cuts features that automatically cuts the shots. You can directly download audio clips from its Music Library, and they are royalty-free. The App free is use and available for both iOS and Android platforms.

good youtube intro apps

How to use Quick?

• First, install the App on your device and then open the App.
• Now you need to add the video clips that you have recorded. Select the video clips.
• Then add an intro title and choose any one templet available with the Apps.
• Now, add filters and other effects based on your requirements, and once done, choose the export option to save files to your phone memory.


• Supports all types of video and audio files.
• It can automatically sync the transitions to the music beat.
• Allow Full HD resolution video export.


• For beginners, this App can be a little confusing.

3. VideoShop

VideoShop is one of the best Apps to make YouTube intros as it has more effects, filters, soundtracks, and animations. So, you won’t face issues to come up with a cool YouTube video intro. It has some entirely developed editing functions, and templets are quite remarkable. You can go for its free version and a paid version (if you want some extra features). The cost is USD 2.99. The App can be used on Android and iOS platforms.

intro making apps for youtube

How to use iMovie?

• Open the App and export your music video into Videoshop. You can also directly record a video using the App.
• Once exported, trim the video based on your requirement.
• Based on your preference, set the video speed, add filters, effects, colors, and text to your video. While some features are free to use, some parts are paid.
• Once done, click on the Export option located top right corner. That’s it.


• No need to be a pro to use this App.
• Better video as well as audio editing option.
• Number of amazing animated templets and tittles.
• File sharing features.


• You may face crashes while doing heavy editing.
• It lacks automatic video editing features.

4. Adobe Premiere Rush

Use this App to shoot, edit, and upload your videos online from anywhere. As one of the popular intro Apps for YouTube, this App has some great features and lets you create professional-looking videos. You can edit the videos at 1080p resolution. The App comes with stunning in-built filters and templets. However, some features are paid. Besides, you will get more than 30 royalty-free audio files for your video. It comes with a free version as well as a paid version. For the paid version, you will have to pay USD 9.99 per month. You can use it on both iOS and Android devices.

what apps can you use to make a youtube intro

How to use iMovie?

• Open the App and import your recorded video, or you can directly record videos using the App.
• Then apply the desired filters, set the video play speed and transitions based on your preference.
• Now scale and crop your videos and export them to the memory card.


• Easy to use video editing tools.
• Rich royalty-free audio library.
• Transition effects are quite sound.


• It consumes a lot of memory.
• You may face glitches while editing your videos.

5. Viva Video

If you are wondering how to make a YouTube intro on iPhone, then go for this App. With more than 800 million downloads, this App is quite popular. The App lets you edit your videos by frame precision. You can even create video collages and split the tape up to nine grids. The features options are unlimited. The App has a free and paid version and available for both iOS and iOS devices. The paid version will cost you around USD 11.50 per year.

what apps do you need to make a youtube intro

How to use iMovie?

• Open the App and click on edit video to important video.
• Now click on the edit option to access the editing features.
• Choose text fonts, apply a transition, sticker, FX, and filters based on your preference.
• Once done, click on save or upload to save your edited video.


• Easy to use the editing features.
• Massive collection of effects and stickers.


• No features to work with VR videos.
• The free version has limited editing features.

6. Vlogit

Developed by Wondershare Technology, this App is getting popular among YouTube video makers. Using this App, you can add various customizable animated intros as well as social media stickers. The App is entirely free to use and can be used on Android as well as iOS devices.

what apps to make a youtube intro

How to use iMovie?

• Open the App and add video clips to start editing.
• Now add a custom opener to the video.
• Then add social media stickers, text, video speed, filters, and transitions based on your requirement.
• One done with editing, explore your video at 1080p resolution.


• Supports 1080p resolution video editing.
• Free to use and no time limit


• The glitches and sometimes you may face issues while adding text to the videos.

7. Light MV

Light MV lets you make amazing YouTube intro videos instantly. It includes many useful editing features, like rotate, filters, trim, crop, and more. Besides, you can use the in-built templets for creating good weddings, birthday, or business videos. The App comes with a free version and a paid version and available for both Android and iOS platforms. The cost is USD 299 per year.

app to create youtube intro

How to use iMovie?

• Open the App and choose the desired theme first. Then press on select option.
• Now click on the plus sign to add videos or photos. Now edit your videos according to your choice.
• Once done, click on the produce button to process the video.
• After that, click on the download button to save the video.


• Available for both desktop and mobile phone.
• Easy to use and offers a lot of editing features.


• The paid version is quite costly.

8. Intro Maker

Intro Maker enables you to use all the features you want to create an amazing YouTube intro video. You can start from scratch or by using available templates. You can add transitions, texts, and music as per your need. It comes with its Sound Library that houses a lot of soundtracks.

app for making youtube intro

How to use iMovie?

• Open the App and add photos or videos as per your wish.
• They need to apply the effects, transitions, intro templets, and all.
• Crop the video and choose the video quality and import your video to the storage.


• A lot of animation effects.


• The UI is a little confusing

9. KineMaster

KineMster is one of the most reliable Apps to make YouTube intros utilizing its easy to use tools. The interface is not complicated, and the Apps offer you a lot of features, like text, stickers, images, layered video, and more. The App is free to use, but you can go for its USD 39.99 per year subscription to create videos without any watermark.

create youtube intro

How to use iMovie?

• Open the App and click on the video icon and then choose the ratio. Then it would help if you decided the media options to add videos or photos.
• Then add the elements as per your requirements. Once done, click on the download icon to save the video.


• Easy to use.
• Good editing features.


• Take time to process the video.


Compare to online software, you will find the Apps to make YouTube intros more convenient options. You can easily use Apps to make YouTube intros on iPhone / Android anywhere and anytime you want. Besides, all the Apps come with easy to use interface, and with just a few clicks, you can create stunning YouTube intros. If you are a beginner, it is highly recommended that you use FilmoraGo. It can help you quickly create a surprising video. Of course, don’t forget its desktop version --- Filmora Video Editor. So, go on and use them now!

Free Download For Win 7 or later (64-bit)
Free Download For macOS 10.12 or later
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