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By Elva | Oct 26,2018 11:37 am

With the popularity of all kinds of smart phones, taking photos or shooting videos at anytime and anywhere become an important way to cherish all precious memories in the daily life. We have to admit, shooting videos with iPhone or Android phone is easy, but if you want to make these videos looking amazing, then it might not as easy as shoot videos. That's why you need a video editing app as your assistant.

You might have also heard that Adobe launches Premiere Rush CC (a video editing app for YouTubers and other online video creators), but unfortunately, this app can only support desktop and iOS at present. That means, a large amount of mobile phone users cannot download and use this app today. What's more, this app is not a free video editor app, and you have paid for them monthly, quaterly or yearly. However, for lots of video editing users, especially for beginners, they might wish to get a free video editing app than a paid one at the beginning.

So in this article, I have listed the top 10 free video editor apps for iPhone and Android users. You can compare or pick up one to start your video editing journey on your phones. Now, let's get started...

Top 5 Best Video Editing App for iPhone Xs, Xs Max, Xr, etc.

#1. Splice - Video Editor (for iPhone)

This video editor for iPhone is simple to use and comes with a lot of power for editing. If you have iPhone or iPod Touch, it will be the best choice to consider going for. It does not have limits for length, can create slideshows very easily and has text overlays, sound effects as well as filters all available for free to customize your video.

Download Splice - Video Editor>>

free iphone video editor app 

#2. Magisto - Magical Video Editor (for iPhone)

You will have all the fun using Magisto to edit your videos on iPhone freely. After editing, you will be able to share your videos with friends and other family members. You can easily customize videos with effects in just a matter of minutes thanks to its high speeds. Its standout feature is an automatic video editor that you will enjoy using round the clock.

Download Magisto - Magical Video Editor>>

best video editing app for iphone 

#3. Pinnacle Studio (for iPhone)

This easy-to-use video editor app will offer you one of the best ways to edit video. You will be able to enjoy the best speeds while the timeline ensures you are precise in your editing. You can customize your videos with high quality soundtrack, effects and transitions.

Download Pinnacle Studio>>

how do i edit a video on mobile with a video editing app 

#4. Video Editor FREE (for iPhone)

There are very many basic editing tasks that you can accomplish with this video editing app for iPhone. You can do trimming to get rid of unwanted parts of a video, merging allows to link multiple video files into one and sharing will allow you to upload your edited video on social media sites like Facebook to be seen by friends. Furthermore, it is very easy to use even for beginners.

Download Video Editor FREE>>

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#5. Perfect Video - Instant Video Editor & Slideshow Maker (for iPhone)

This video editor app for iPhone comes with ease of use and you will get to crop, merge and trim your videos very fast. If you want to customize, there are options for adding transitions, music as well as subtitles of your choice. It has support for high resolution and is compatible with multiple file formats.

Download Perfect Video - Instant Video Editor & Slideshow Maker>>

Perfect Video 

Top 5 Android Video Editor You Can't Miss (Samsung, HTC, etc. Included)

#1. VivaVideo: Free Video Editor (for Android)

For Android, this video editor app is rated very high with approximately 50million users enjoying its services. With VivaVideo, it will take you very minimal time and effort in coming up with the right videos to share with friends as well as members of your family.

Download VivaVideo: Free Video Editor>>

best video editing software for android 

#2. AndroVid Video Editor (for Android)

There are very many things that you can accomplish with this video editing app for Android. It is possible to trim your videos, merge more than one file into a single video, add texts, share videos with friends, split in addition to making a slideshow.

Download AndroVid Video Editor >>

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#3. Andromedia Video Editor (for Android)

Its design is intuitive making this video editing app user-friendly to even new users. When adding videos for editing, it is as simple as dragging and dropping; its layout is attractive while transitions and effects are available to customize video.

Download Andromedia Video Editor>>

free video editor app for android 

#4. VidTrim - Video Editor (for Android)

Apart from being an editor, this video editor app for Android is a good organizer for Android devices. Some of its basic features you will enjoy using include frame grabbing, merging, trimming, audio extraction from video, transcoding and adding video effects.

Download VidTrim - Video Editor>>

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#5. KineMaster – Pro Video Editor (for Android)

With KineMaster video editor app, Android users have the opportunity to enjoy some powerful video editing than ever. It is highly professional and very advanced. You will find no need to have your Android device connected to other external devices to complement your video editing. It offers everything that you need to accomplish your mission. Some of its features to lookout for are video rotation, transition effects, speed controls and instant previews.

Download KineMaster – Pro Video Editor>>

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The above are 10 different video editing app for iPhone and Android, have you got the ideal one to satisfy your video editing needs?

In fact:

These free video editing apps can only provide users with the basic editing effects like split, trim, crop, merge or adjust the video volume, brightness, etc. And if you want to perform some special effects like green screen, video stablization, picture in picture, etc., these mobile phone apps may can't satisfy your needs. So, if you're going to find a video editing tool, you need to ask yourself some questions like:

1) Which kinds of effects or functions you'll use?

Before starting to edit a video, you must have some idea or though about it. So you need to check whether the video editing software or app you find have the function you need. Generally speaking, if you only need to simply split, crop, merge or add titles to it, then the above free video editor apps could be a nice option.

But if you wish to create an awesome video, then you'd better to find a professional video editing software as your final option.

2) Do you have any knowledge about video editing?

If you're a professional person, then you know what tools you need exactly. But if you're a beginner, then you must wish to find a tool easy to use and also has the professional video editing tools, right? Then, you'd better to find a tool which is specially designed for beginners or semi-professionals, to create an amazing videos by yourself.

All in all:

The above free video editor apps is more suitable for users who only need to a tool to edit a video basically. If you wish to create a quality video, video editing app will not the best option, a desktop application like Filmora Video Editor or Filmora Video Editor for Mac can help you reach the goal. This tool is packed with features which are easy to understand and make use of. With great editing features and effects, this program has taken market by storm. And it requires no professional skills for every users.

Now, let's check the detailed features one by one:

best video editor software for pc mac

Filmora Video Editor

  • It provides all video editing tools such as trim, crop, rotate, hue, brightness and the list goes on.
  • Effect addition can also be done with this program, including filters, overlays and motion graphics.
  • Effects store provide users with 200+ special effects for different themes.
  • Video sharing on common social media platforms such as YouTube, Viemo, etc. has never been as easy as it is with this awesome tool.
  • The drag and drop feature is really easy to use. It also lets the newbies to start with the program without any technical knowledge.
  • ...

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