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"What video format does iMovie support?" I have been asked the same questions for a long time. First, I want to ensure you that all videos generated by Apple products, like recorded by iPhone and iPad, will be fully supported by iMovie. As for other video formats, it depends. You can check the iMovie supported video list below to see whether your videos are supported or not (both for import and export).

When using iMovie, you will have the privilege of choosing from several formats supported to deal with any incompatibility concerns. Whether it is export or import, there will be ample formats that you will put up for consideration. However, you should be able to differentiate between formats for video and audio. Any mix-up will cause incompatibility which is the last thing you would want to experience when using iMovie. The questions on what file formats are supported by iMovie is not an individual concern that you have to deal with alone.

Part 1. iMovie Supported Video Formats for Importing

The below sheet lists out iMovie supported video format:

imovie formats

There could be other formats in the market but these ones are the common ones for importing files on iMovie. However, you should not waste time looking for the best format because all of them have different features and perform differently making it possible to decide on which is the best. All of them have equal strengths and weaknesses so just look for the suitable and compatible one to use.

Part 2. iMovie Supported Video Formats for Exporting

It will be easier for you to decide on exporting files to iMovie but choosing the right format might be challenging. This is because there are many options available but this part will discuss some of the commonly used formats. You can use them the next time you are planning to export audio and video files to iMovie.

imovie file formats

Over and above, you can do some advanced research and you will come across additional file formats that are as good as those discussed above. Do you know that it is possible to have settings for these exports formats in iMovie customized? Yes, that is possible and you are advised to consider that in making your experience more enjoyable. This will be in relation to frame rate, frame size and key frames among many other applicable settings.

When customizing your export format settings, the frame size should be done first followed by key frames and then conclude with frame rate. That is the standard procedure used in making sure nothing goes astray. The right settings should be able to offer the best compromise between qualities of the video playback and file size. That has to be the foundation for adjusting settings for your iMovie export format all the time.

Part 3. iMovie Alternative - Filmora Video Editor

can you crop video using imovie

Filmora Video Editor is the best iMovie alternative to edit videos. Besides all editing features it provideos as iMovie allows you to, it support importing almost any video, auido, and images formats, and exporting videos in multiple formats according to your needs. With it, you'll never worry about the video incompatibility issue. Just feel free to import any video, audio or images and export videos to play on smartphones, iPhone, iPad, and other great tablets.

* Import formats list of Filmora Video Editor for Mac

As shown below, Filmora Video Editor is designed with a concise user interface. An intuitive storyboard locates at the bottom for you to easily organize, sync and edit video and audio at ultra fast speed. Dragging and dropping is the main way for editing. Drag and drop to import, move, arrange; drag and drop a song from iTunes to create a sound track, drag and drop a transition, etc. Video editing can't be much easier.

Filmora Video Editor 

* Export formats list of Filmora Video Editor for Mac

Your experience when exporting files with Filmora Video Editor for Mac will be the best since it supports a variety of formats. When exporting video, you can look up to formats like EVO, TOD, NSV, MOD, MKV, F4V, WMV, TRP, MTS and M2TS among others. Filmora Video Editor is also good for audio files export and will be supported by formats like MP2, MKA, FLAC, AU, APE, AIF and AC3. It will be upon you to choose the right file that is suitable for exporting your video or audio file in the best way.

Filmora Video Editor 

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